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The Design And Application Of Chemistry Learning Model For High School Students With Chronic Diseases

Posted on:2020-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330590462748Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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At present,education is generally based on the teaching of the class-level teaching system,and students provide tutoring according to their own needs.But not every student can successfully receive a complete education in the school.Technology changes with each passing day,the pace of life is accelerating..With environmental,food and various internal causes,the number of school-age students with diseases is increasing day by day.The students with normal intellectual and physiological development can receive regular school education.However,due to the long-term need for treatment,they are impossible to accept the complete formal education of the school like normal peers.They will miss a lot of courses,so their grades are often unsatisfactory,Some of them have to choose to downgrade or even drop out because they miss too many courses.The loss of fair educational opportunity also seriously affects the physical and mental health of students with chronic diseases.They are eager to return to the campus and integrate into the class to gain equal educational resources.Therefore,the education problem of chronic disease students has gradually become the focus of everyone's attention.Designing effective learning models for such groups is a major challenge for educators.In this era of rapid development of network information,people's lifestyles have changed,time has been fragmented,and learning has entered miniaturization.Since the new curriculum reform,teachers have been exploring new teaching methods in the process of teaching.MOOC and Flipped the Classrooms have become the focus of educational research.MOOC is a large-scale open online course,which integrates all teaching processes into one teaching platform.It consists of multiple micro lessons.Micro-class is famous for its "micro" and "small",which fragments and interesting knowledge.Flipped the Classroom is a new teaching mode,which completely overthrows the traditional teaching mode of "teaching before learning",and opens a new teaching form of "learning before teaching" and the era of student-led teaching concept.The application of these two teaching modes has opened up a new way for the future of Chinese education.This paper adopts literature analysis,questionnaire survey,interview and logical analysis.Firstly,through literature analysis,this paper briefly expounds the current situation of education for students with chronic diseases at home and abroad,and summarizes the significance of this study.At the same time,it introduces in detail the definition of chronic diseases,MOOC,Flipped the Classroom and the characteristics ofchemistry subjects.According to the teaching theory characteristics of MOOC,Flipped the Classroom as well as the special emotional needs of students with chronic diseases,three chemical cases were used to construct a learning model combining MOOC and Flipped the Classroom for high school students with chronic diseases.According to the work and rest arrangement of students with chronic diseases,task sheets and evaluation mechanism are designed to enable them to study efficiently and enjoy the same educational resources in the hospital environment.In the first grade students with Henoch-Schonlein purpura hospitalized,the pre-test was conducted to understand their learning status by questionnaire survey,and then the new learning mode was used to carry out chemical teaching practice,and then the post-test was carried out.Through questionnaires and interviews,we can get the evaluation and feedback of the implementation of learning mode.Finally,this paper summarizes and reflects on the whole research process,puts forward the innovations and shortcomings of this study,and puts forward the prospects of this study combined with practical problems.This paper focuses on the study of chemical learning patterns of students with chronic diseases.According to the characteristics of chemistry,MOOC and Flipped the Classroom are organically combined.The application and implementation of this learning mode in the chemistry teaching of chronic disease students will be more perfect and optimized,and the educational problems of middle school students with chronic diseases can be effectively solved.Through the research work,it is also hoped that more educators and normal university students will participate in the relay of love to solve the educational problems of students with chronic diseases.At last,we hope that social caring people can give more help to these groups in medical security and psychological counseling.
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