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Construction And Practice Of The Flipped Class About "Data Warehouse And Business Intelligence" Under The Background Of MOOC

Posted on:2017-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330482980434Subject:The modern education technology
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With the rapid development of Internet and multimedia technology, the society is becoming more and more information, the school’s educational philosophy, teaching methods and teaching media have changed a great [1]. Mu class(MOOC) from the birth of the fastest sweeping the world’s education sector, at the same time, "flipped classroom" this new educational tools, but also the use of the digital era, the rise of an educational reform. This study to solve the practical problems faced by the data warehouse and business intelligence course, "MOOC " and " flipped classroom " organic union, the MOOC mode of production, the design and implementation of the course of the micro video teaching platform, select the class of the course of the flipped classroom practice, through a questionnaire survey to contrast the flipped classroom before and after the implementation, analysis showed that the flipped classroom can greatly improve the students’ interest in learning, but also help to the realization of the teaching goal.The full text is divided into five parts to discuss in detail:The first part firstly put forward practical problems faced by the data warehouse and business intelligence course, by combing MOOC and flipped classroom at home and abroad research status and summarized combining MOOC and flipped classroom teaching mode, and then explore the research framework and research methods, the last column give the theoretical basis of this study.In the second part, through the analysis of woodland high school in the United States, the Khan Academy and Chongqing Jukui secondary school three flipped classroom typical cases,summed up for the data warehouse and business intelligence course flip the design principle of the classroom teaching.In the third part, it is inspired by the former video of three kinds of flipped classroom lessons, select the MOOC curriculum model, design and implement the micro video teaching platform of data warehouse and business intelligence.The fourth part to research and practice, based on the data warehouse and business intelligence course of micro video teaching platform, according to the course section 6.4selected e-commerce professional students flipped classroom practice, and the issuance of questionnaires, analysis of the flipped classroom implementation effect.In the fifth part, the paper summarizes the topic, points out the innovation and deficiency,and puts forward the prospect of the follow-up study.
Keywords/Search Tags:the flipped classroom, MOOC, micro video teaching platform
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