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A Study On The Improvement Of The New Employees'role Discomfort In Enterprises Based On Field Theory

Posted on:2019-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330593450041Subject:Social Work
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With the social progress,People work,not only to make a living,but more significantly,to enjoy work-achievement and happiness.If the new employees of the company do not quickly adapt to the new job and do not get enough psychological needs.It is detrimental to the development of company and employees.One of the missions of corporate social work is to solve the problem of the discomfort of new employees in the company,adapt to their works as soon as possible,promote the healthy development of enterprises and themselves,and achieve the goal of win-win situation between enterprises and employees.During my internship with Company A,I found some new employees feel uncomfortable through the contact observation and interviews with new employees of the company,and conducted a questionnaire survey on the newly recruited employees.Under the premise of guaranteeing their privacy,I use SPSS in social statistics to conduct statistical analysis of the questionnaire and select the clients according to the interviews.And found that they had varying degrees of discomfort in the five aspects of psychological stress,job awareness,corporate culture identity,job expectations and interpersonal relationships.According to the needs of the clients,I put forward a practical plan intends to help new employees who are discomfort based on the field theory,Explore new interventions for new employees through training activities and integrates the intervention of community work.This study effectively changed the new employees' role of discomfort based on field theory.Besides,It's meaningful that provided the practical plan for improving the new employees' discomfort.
Keywords/Search Tags:corporate social work, new employees, role of discomfort, field theory
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