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Experimental Study On The Influence Of Extracurricular Sports Assignment On The Health Fitness Of Middle School Students

Posted on:2020-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Research purposes: As a popular new concept of health,health fitness has attracted the attention of experts and scholars at home and abroad.In this study,a series of scientific fitness assessment methods and means were used to comprehensively evaluate the body condition and health level.Extracurricular sports operation after completion of the teaching is a necessary content,easy to be ignored for its function and value the development of the society,promote the middle school students' physical health,strengthen students' body fitness,improve the quality of student life healthy and efficient learning plays a key role,the assignments for middle school students' extracurricular sports health research is relatively small.This study focuses on the role of extra-curricular sports activities,factors affecting the development of extra-curricular sports activities and the importance of extra-curricular sports homework,trying to clarify the basic value of extra-curricular sports homework.Through the experiment of extracurricular physical exercise,this paper probes into whether extracurricular physical exercise is suitable for improving the physical fitness of middle school students.Research methods: this study adopted the method of literature materials to analyze the influence of extracurricular physical exercise on the physical fitness of middle school students.By height,weight,BMI(body mass index),lung capacity,standing long jump in succession,crook proneness,pull-ups,sit-ups seven projects as a reference index,through mathematical statistics each project data index before and after the experiment research of normal distribution test,comparing with independent samples T test between groups,before and after comparing paired samples T test,have significant difference on the project of single factor variance analysis and research.A group of 22 boys and 18 girls were selected as the control group.Another group of 22 boys and 18 girls were assigned to carry out 12 weeks of extracurricular sports homework,and setas the experimental group.Arrangement by oneself and to guide and supervise the 2 times per week in extracurricular activities time for extracurricular sports sports homework assignments and voluntary,time control,respectively,30 minutes and 20 minutes?Research results and conclusionsResults: after 12 weeks of extracurricular physical exercise,there were no significant changes in body mass and flexibility fitness in the experimental group(P>0.05),but significant changes in cardiopulmonary fitness and muscle fitness(P<0.05).Conclusion :(1)it can improve the cardiopulmonary fitness of middle school students.On the basis of P<0.05,it has a positive effect on lung capacity and has a significant increase.There is a significant difference in cardiopulmonary fitness between the experimental group and the control group.(2)it can improve the muscle fitness of middle school students.On the basis of P<0.05,it has a significant effect on standing long jump,pull-up and sit-up,and the difference in muscle fitness between the experimental group and the control group is significant.(3)the effect on the body mass of middle school students was limited(P>0.05),and BMI was not significantly improved.There was no significant difference in body mass between the experimental group and the control group.(4)the effect on middle school students' flexibility and fitness was limited(P>0.05),and there was no significant improvement in the sit-forward flexion,and there was no significant difference in the flexibility and fitness between the experimental group and the control group.
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