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Study On Mechanism Of Strategic Alliance Of Universities In China

Posted on:2016-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Strategic alliance of universities is one of the important measure to enhance the competitiveness of colleges and universities. It is also an important form of inter-school cooperation in Chinese colleges and universities in recent years. Colleges and Universities form a strategic alliance is in order to meet the different needs, and it plays a great role in promoting its effect.Study is based on synergetic theory, and analyses the mechanism of strategic alliance of universities in China by the method of documentary, investigation, case analysis of network and interviews. Study found that, firstly, the order parameter is the characterization of mechanism, which can runs orderly in self-organizing system. It is a mechanism which mainly depends on the collaboration between primary order parameter(project cooperation) and order parameters(target, agency, system). Secondly, through the analysis on strategy alliance of universities, study found that there exists the order parameter of university strategy alliance, but there exists certain discordant between the order parameter, especially between the main order parameter and the other order parameters. There exists deviation between target location and project cooperation plan, which have influenced strategy development. The management departments about project collaborative are not clearly, which affect the breadth and depth of the project cooperation. The test system is not perfect, which affect the projects to promote unsystematically. The communication system is lack of communication channels of the project cooperation.In view of the problems that existed in mechanism of strategic alliance of universities in china, in order to promote the mechanism transformed from disorder to order. It mainly needs to solve the problem of coordination between the main order parameter and the other order parameters. From this point, the study is based on points of the synergetic theory, and puts forward suggestions according to collaboration of the objective, structure and system. Firstly, a clear goal is the precondition to promote the synergy development in university strategic alliance; secondly, to make a more integrated synergic organization of project collaboration; thirdly, to perfect the rules and regulations of collaboration; fourthly, to strengthen the cooperation and improve the project quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:University strategic alliance, Mechanism, The order parameter, Synergy
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