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A Research Of Students' Participation In The Internal Governance Of China's Universities

Posted on:2021-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330602992583Subject:Higher Education
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In the background of the era when higher education is moving from popularization to popularization,the trend of university governance is gradually changing from administration to democracy and pluralism.And with the modernization reform of university governance ability,students' participation in university internal governance has become a hot topic.The activities of students in the university directly or indirectly affect the interests and order of the university.Therefore,it is of unique value to study how students participate in university internal governance.This study makes comprehensive use of the theoretical knowledge of education,management and other disciplines,combines the research methods of literature analysis,questionnaire,interview investigation and case analysis.Taking a university as a case study,taking students and universities as research objects,specifically analyze whether and how students will affect the order and development of the university by participating in the internal governance of the university.In essence,Students participate in the study of university internal governance,its most fundamental starting point is to strengthen students' maintenance of university order and students' promotion of university development.Its fundamental purpose is to achieve harmony and unity between students and universities,and common development.At present,there are many researches on how to bring student groups into the subject of governance in China,But it was a late start.Although relevant legal policies can be found to confirm the legitimacy of students' participation.There are still some problems in the process of participation,such as students' narrow cognition of participation,participation in the form of action,and the imbalance between the needs of participation and the actual situation.It is mainly attributed to the restriction of the national macro environment,the conservative concept of the university's internal joint governance,the unsound institutional mechanism and the poor practice of the university's internal joint governance.About the way students participate,this study draws on the mature experience of some universities at home and abroad.Summarize six paths for students to participate:Complaints office ? Assistant principal ? Campus management network platform ? The principal mailbox ? University student autonomy.About how to ensure that students can successfully through the above several major paths to participate in governance,We can try to solve it from the following aspects:First,we should foster the concept of common governance.The second is toimprove relevant laws and regulations,the third is to improve the participation mechanism of students,and the fourth is to cultivate students' ability to participate.
Keywords/Search Tags:Student participation, University internal governance, Ways of student participation
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