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The Demand Survey Of College Students' Participation In The Internal Governance Of Colleges And Universities And The Research On Governance Countermeasures

Posted on:2019-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330548456028Subject:Higher Education
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According to universities' developing history,students have playing an important role in universities.Encouraging students participating in internal governance has become a trend of higher education governance all over the world,which is a symbol of human-based concept,and also an effective way to protect students' rights and improve their civic awareness.Students participating in university's internal governance has gradually become an impetus to university governance abilities and democracy.This paper can be divided into four parts:The first part is concept definition and theories.On the one hand,this paper defines some core conceptions,such as “participate” and “governance” etc.On the other hand,This paper is based on basic content and characteristics of governance theories,and also based on the importance of governance theories applying to students participating in university internal governance.The second part analyses the current situation and requirements of students participating university internal governance.The contradictions between the current situation and requirements of students participating university internal governance include: high request for participation and low participation frequency,request for high-leveled participation and low-leveled participation,request for wide range participation and narrow range participation,request for more platforms on participation and less platforms.Elements affecting students participating in internal governance include internal governance environments and mechanism,students' abilities and motivation,apart from that,gender,understanding about rights of internal governance also have an influence on students participating in internal governance.The third part discusses the reasons why the contradiction between College Students' Participation in the Internal Governance of the Universities and the Demand.The reasons for these problems are mainly the different value orientation between universities and college students,the design of imperfect college management systems,and the limitations of college student' owe abilities.The fourth part is the suggestion of the mechanism for the college students to participate in the internal governance of universities.First of all,universities should adhere to the“student-centered” concept,change the concept of efficiency,and treat college students equallyand tolerantly.Secondly,institutionally speaking,universities should improve the management system and improve the operating mechanism,including improving the level of participation of college students,respecting the rights of college students,and clearly defining the content and scope of participation as well as innovative ways of participation.Finally,the universities need to cultivate the ability of college students to participate in the internal governance of universities from two aspects.That is to improve the ability of college students to govern themselves and to fully trust the college students and weaken the administration.
Keywords/Search Tags:Student participation, University, Internal governance, Demands, Countermeasures
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