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Research On The Prospect Of Micro-teaching Based On Network Platform

Posted on:2021-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Micro-teaching refers to the use of information technology to decompose the difficult points in the teaching process based on the teaching design idea,and present small but prominent knowledge content for the students.It emphasizes the “micro”,and the content it teaches is dotted.,fragmentization.The source of these knowledge points can be the interpretation of the textbooks,or the introductory questions,or the knowledge of the induction of the test sites,the teaching of methods,and the teaching experience.Micro-teaching is one of the effective supplementary forms of normal teaching in schools,and it is also suitable for the individualized and deep learning of learners.China's current education and teaching mainly exists in the form of school education.However,in the past few decades,the state's investment in education has been obviously insufficient,and the only input has been used too much in the education of developed cities,thus causing the southeast.There is a growing gap in the allocation of educational resources between the coastal and central and western regions,and between cities and rural areas.Resource allocation is not only reflected in the hardware and software configuration,but also in the faculty,the outstanding teachers in rural areas can not stay,do not want to stay.Children in the Midwest and rural areas simply do not have access to excellent teaching resources,so that the poor are poorer.In the past ten years,with the popularization of smart phones and 4G high-speed networks,the development of China's Internet has begun to take shape.According to statistics from the China Internet Network Information Center,up to now,the number of mobile Internet users in China has reached 847 million.In rural areas,it is more common for young people of the age to play mobile phones,but most of them are not constrained.The convenience of the network cannot be translated into a positive learning need.There are three reasons for this: First,most of them are left-behind children,and intergenerational education cannot form effective constraints.Second,at present,there are few high-quality micro-teaching websites on the Internet in China,and the quality is uneven.There is no platform for these children to learn.The third is the extra temptation of games.At present,the status quo of micro-course teaching websites on China's Internetplatform is worrying.Most websites have short construction time and database accumulation is relatively thin.This kind of foundation combined with the content of non-"artisan" spirit makes it difficult to make profits in the short term.Falling into the vicious circle of downward spirals naturally will not detract from the banner of improving the educational environment.Based on the above status quo,this paper takes the teaching of junior middle school physics micro-classes as the blueprint.According to the author's six years of teaching experience,the paper breaks down the difficult and difficult problems in the junior high school physics syllabus,and the knowledge is fragmented and interesting.Through extensive investigation and research in the early stage,combined with the experience of network teaching in western developed countries,based on the realistic and objective needs of education and education in China,we tried to improve the quality of physical micro-teaching on some network platforms.Taking the primary and middle school students in some remote areas as the research group,based on the convenience of the Internet,the advantages of network interactivity are fully exploited.The previous resources investment,medium-term process supervision,and post-quality inspection methods explored the feasibility of high-quality physical micro-teaching resources on the Internet to improve the uneven distribution of educational resources in China.Explore a new way of learning that balances the allocation of educational resources and enables national primary and secondary school students to enjoy efficient classrooms.Through investigation,experiment and summary,the author believes that high-quality micro-course teaching based on the network platform can improve students' enthusiasm for learning,and understand the knowledge of difficult and difficult points and it is not easy to forget.It can also balance the educational imbalances caused by the differences in educational resources,so that rural students can also enjoy high-quality classrooms.However,the drawbacks of network teaching are also particularly obvious.The waste of resources brought about by effective supervision is an urgent problem to be solved.Therefore,the author suggests that the combination of online micro-curriculum teaching and school education,so that high-quality network micro-classes into the school,into the classroom,can hope to solve the learning problems of rural children.
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