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The Design And Realization Of Micro-lesson Network Teaching Platform Based On Flipped Classroom Teaching Pattern

Posted on:2016-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330473965003Subject:Software engineering
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With the rapid development of network technology,ubiquitous network widely applied to the field of education.However,the limitations of traditional teaching can not fully meet the requirements of today's era of information technology,it is the rise of the international community,a new philosophy of education and teaching mode-Flip classroom teaching.Currently China Vocational College has a good learning environment and information technology network quality educational video resources to flip the classroom in Higher Vocational Colleges provides good conditions for classroom-based pan-flip in the network can in vocational education Research on the application and it is imperative to carry out.In the micro era,microblogging playing with mobile devices,read the news,watch live video has become the norm.Also micro course has unlimited potential for development,micro courses to short features,to meet the students' knowledge in different disciplines demand choose to study,learn and miniature personalized mobile learning needs,both for deficiencies but also to consolidate the knowledge,ultimately improve the learning ability of students,really learn to learn,to adapt to the Pan-demand learning,to meet the needs of the times.The issue of traditional teaching mode,proposed flipped classroom teaching concept is based on micro-lesson analyzes the characteristics and theoretical basis of this model,combining the characteristics of micro course,the use of micro-teaching method,constructed flipped classroom teaching.Then use the software engineering thought,based on micro courses network teaching platform,from design,requirements analysis,architecture design aspects,features detailed design and implementation were studied and analyzed to achieve a network teaching platform of higher vocational colleges.Technical architecture of the issue are using the Spring lightweight framework that integrates Structs,Hibernate and other frameworks.The use of Linux as a server operating system,the use of Oracle database,application server selection WebLogic.Systems programming language java,development tools MyEclipse.Through the construction of the platform,improved resource utilization value micro courses;platform to help those learning ability,affairs and more students,tiered learning,improve their learning efficiency,but characteristics of field school curriculum can always follow the guidance of.Development platform changes the traditional teaching ideas,the traditional teaching of the subjects taught in the classroom into a front flip micro-lesson self-paced courses,the former information technology teaching position.The platform also collected more than 15,000 courses nationwide resource programs,including curriculum-related network share boutique class,open class,as well as associated with these courses teaching reference books,teacher video courses to facilitate the teacher preparing lessons,It promotes student learning.So the platform has made a very significant practical applications,has good social values.
Keywords/Search Tags:ubiquitous network, flipped classroom, micro lesson, teaching model, network teaching platform
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