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Content Analysis And Comparison Of Textbook On "The Interaction And Motion Rules" By Objective Matrix Method

Posted on:2021-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330623973544Subject:Subject teaching
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The current education reform has entered the stage of emphasizing the improvement of students' key competences and has put forward higher requirements for teaching,so how to improve the key competences of students has been a problem that the education circle has been exploring.In many explorations,deep learning based on understanding has come into our vision,if students want to carry out deep learning,teachers need to prepare lessons in depth,analyze textbooks deeply and grasp teaching contents accurately,the degree of physics teachers analyze the textbooks can affect the effectiveness of teachers' deep teaching and students' deep learning directly.Physics textbooks in China present a state of “one standard and more versions”,What are the similarities and differences in the formation path of the same knowledge in different versions textbooks? What are the characteristics of the arrangement of textbooks in different grades in the same version?How to help teachers especially novice teachers to analyze textbooks more scientifically and deeply,this is the problem we need to solve.Firstly,this study research the current situation of textbook analysis and objective matrix method is used for textbook analysis by literature searching.Then,studied the object matrix method systematically through literature review,and learn from the existing research to refine its operation steps to enhance its operation.Based on the objective matrix method and content analysis method,this paper analyzed “the interaction and motion rules” in the physics textbooks of middle and high schools which was published by Educational Science Publishing House(ESPH)and People's Education Press(PEP),then obtained the knowledge formation diagram.In the end,compared the knowledge formation diagram with the comparative method,obtained the different characteristics of the knowledge formation path,and discussed the purpose of the arrangement of these differences,then gave corresponding suggestions andteaching practice excerpts.This study shows the relations of knowledge are closely in “the interaction and motion rules” of four textbooks,in terms of the breadth of knowledge,the physics textbooks published by ESPH is larger than that published by PEP in middle school,the physics textbooks published by ESPH is a little bit less than that published by PEP in junior high school,the edition of ESPH is more explicit in the arrangement of relevant contents of“scientific inquiry” and pay attention to the system of knowledge structure and the application of knowledge in middle school,the edition of PEP is more attention to the hierarchy of knowledge in middle school,the edition of ESPH focuses on the application of knowledge,and the edition of PEP take the breadth and depth of the knowledge into consideration,the integrity of the knowledge structure is emphasized in high school.In the sequence of knowledge,the formation path of the same knowledge is roughly similar in four textbooks,but there are differences in the details of step setting,content arrangement,location arrangement,the knowledge formation path of the edition of PEP in middle school may be more consistent with students' cognitive development law,and the edition of ESPH in high school is more in line with the subject knowledge system,the edition of PEP in high school is more difficult than the edition of ESPH in high school,but it is reasonably set up the knowledge progression to reduce the difficulty of students in learning.“The interaction and motion rules” of two versions of textbooks decreased the breadth of knowledge and Knowledge depth improvement in high school compared with that in middle school,the knowledge arrangement is based on middle school and spirals upward,in the middle and high school connection,the formation path of knowledge is roughly the same,but some knowledge cohesion is different.Objective matrix method can help teachers,especially novice teachers,analyze textbooks more scientifically and deeply,it is convenient for teachers to grasp the relationships of knowledge formation in textbooks more comprehensively,help teachers prepare lessons in depth,and this process of analysis and comparison can help teachers to think more deeply about relevant content,facilitating teachers' professional development.
Keywords/Search Tags:physics textbook analysis and comparison, objective matrix method, forming relationships of knowledge, the interaction and motion rules
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