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Research On The Influence Of Knowledge Governance Based On Knowledge Sharing Hostility On Enterprise's Innovation Ability

Posted on:2019-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2429330545959674Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In the era of knowledge economy,the maintenance of the competitive position of enterprises mainly depends on the innovation capabilities of enterprises.The source of the enterprise's innovation ability is mainly the collection of employee's innovation ability.Therefore,the enterprise should focus on the improvement of employees' innovation ability.However,studies have shown that the individual's innovation ability is essentially the ability of acquiring knowledge,integrating knowledge,and forming innovative knowledge.And the most important way for individuals to acquire knowledge is knowledge sharing.However,due to the value of knowledge,the individual's emphasis on knowledge ownership has gradually increased.Therefore,the willingness of individuals to participate in knowledge sharing is not strong.Alternative behaviors include behaviors of knowledge sharing hostility,such as knowledge hiding and knowledge rejecting.Foreign scholars have confirmed that the knowledge sharing hostility within companies,namely the phenomenon of knowledge hiding and knowledge rejection,has become increasingly common.The existence of knowledge hiding and knowledge rejecting will inevitably hinder the process of knowledge sharing,and thus hinder the improvement of the enterprise's innovation ability.Therefore,in order to enhance the enterprise's innovation ability,enterprises will inevitably adopt certain governance measures,namely,knowledge governance.At present,many scholars have conducted research on knowledge governance and knowledge sharing,but there are few studies on the knowledge sharing hostility,and there is little research on the relationship between knowledge governance and corporate innovation capabilities based on knowledge sharing hostility.This study takes the innovative enterprise of Henan Province as the research object and analyzes it.Based on the empirical analysis of 377 valid questionnaires from high-tech enterprises.The results show that Both knowledge hiding incentives and knowledge rejection incentives can significantly inhibit knowledge sharing;formal knowledge governance can promote informal knowledge governance;the effects of formal knowledge governance on knowledge hiding incentives and knowledge rejecting incentives are not significant;formal knowledge governance and informal knowledge can significantly promote knowledge sharing;the knowledge hiding incentives and the knowledge rejecting incentives have partial mediating effects between formal knowledge governance,informal knowledge governance,and knowledge sharing;the formal knowledge governance has a significant impact on management innovation capabilities and technological innovation capabilities;there is a significant positive correlation between informal knowledge governance and management innovation capabilities and technological innovation capabilities;knowledge sharing has a partial mediating role between formal knowledge governance,informal knowledge governance,and corporate innovation capabilities.
Keywords/Search Tags:knowledge governance, knowledge sharing hostility, knowledge hiding, knowledge rejecting, knowledge sharing, corporate innovation capability
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