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Research On The Current Situation,problems And Countermeasures Of Food Safety Supervision In Yuquan District Of Hohhot

Posted on:2019-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330566471730Subject:Public Administration
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Hunger breeds discontentment.As a kind of substance for human consumption or drinking,food is a necessity for human survival.Food safety concerns everyone's health and safety.With the improvement of China's economic development level,the unprecedented prosperity of material products,and the richer kinds of food for people to eat,it brings more complex and diverse security risks to food.In recent years,the media has exposed some food safety accidents,which not only challenges public sensitive nerves,but also puts forward higher requirements for food regulatory authorities.Report to the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly states: "We will initiate a food safety strategy to ensure that people have peace of mind about what they're putting on their plates." Recently,China's food safety supervision system has experienced deepening and reform,governments at all levels have implemented a series of policies and measures with increasing supervision,regulatory tentacles have extended to the township and village,and the problem of food safety has been improved.But as for the current food supervision,there are still many problems,such as scattered businesses,small businesses,weak regulatory power,low awareness of food safety among regulators,and inadequate supervision techniques.How to meet the requirements of the new function and situation,improve the status of basic food supervision,put efforts to solve the existing problems in the basic food supervision,play the role of government regulation,is the urgent affairs to be solved for protecting the public safety on the tongue.The author,as a law enforcement officer of food regulatory supervision authorities in basic level(county),personallyexperiencing and witness in the reform of the food regulatory agencies and regulatory functions,has some personal experience and feelings about the status of supervision and the actual problems of work.These issues are summarized and the causes of the problems are further analyzed,then some countermeasures for improving will be put forward.That will be meaningful in theoretical and practical aspects for the actual supervision work.This article focuses on the food safety supervision with being divided into four parts.The first part states the characteristics of food safety supervision,the standard of food safety and the basic theory.The second part elaborates the current situation of food safety supervision in Yuquan District of Hohhot from the aspects of the reform and change of regulatory units,the characteristics of regulatory environment,regulatory resources and regulatory execution.The third part analyses the problems of food safety supervision in Yuquan District of Hohhot and analyzes the causes of the problems.The fourth part puts forward countermeasures and suggestions to further improve the timely supervision ability of the basic level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yuquan District of Hohhot, food safety, supervision
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