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The Overall Planning Of Land Use Hohhot District Of Yuquan City (2009-2020) Implementation Of The Mid-term Evaluation

Posted on:2015-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330431974335Subject:Land and Resources Management
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"The overall planning of land use in Yuquan district (2009-2020)"(hereinafter referred to as the plan) has been implemented in phases, in orderto adapt to the major change in the rapid economic and social developmentand national policy, according to the office of land and resources "on theissuance of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region general land useplanning evaluation and modification of a pilot programme of work of thenotice"(inner made (2012) No.22) the spirit and requirements, continue tocarry out the overall land use planning mid-term assessment work. Planningthe implementation of the mid-term evaluation of the objective is to controlthe overall planning of land use change, planning the implementation of thegoals, scientific management and rational use of land, improving land useefficiency, in order to improve the implementation of land use planningmanagement, land planning to revise and provide scientific basis.In this paper, based on in-depth analysis of research on the evaluation ofimplementation of general land use planning at home and abroad, put forwardthe purpose and task of the implementation of assessment, and then to theYuquan district social economic conditions, land use present situation and theexistence of Yuquan District, review of the third round of the overall land useplanning and implementation evaluation context as the premise, usingstatistical analysis method, case analysis method, the spatial superpositionmethod, the expert investigation method and other methods, theimplementation of major planning targets during the realization degree,spatial distribution of land use, land use of major projects and keyconstruction projects, planning the implementation of measures ofimplementation and planning of major changes in the background assessmentin planning.On this basis, methods of quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis,from the planning index from2009to2012each year, the implementation of planning layout adjustment, planning and social identity, select14evaluationindex system, evaluation of the logarithm model effectively function tocalculate the value of each evaluation index, evaluation index of quantization,the final choice of the geometric average value to measure each year planningcoordination degree.It is known from the above evaluation, Yuquan district from2009to2012the annual evaluation coordination for the6080range, which indicatesthat the land use in all aspects of social, economic, ecological planningimplementation in coordination, play a certain effect. Four years ofimplementation evaluation value increased year by year, programming controlmany index increasing.Overall, the Yuquan area in the recent four years of implementation ofgeneral land use planning is good. However, in the form of the rapiddevelopment of economy and society, the state, the autonomous region,Hohhot city and Yuquan District of key construction projects carried out insuccession, some planning cannot meet the need of actual development,spatial dislocation, operation difficulty is great, this is also one of the mainreasons to modify planning.The final analysis of the play an active role and shortcomings of a thirdround of planning in Yuquan District, and the implementation of the overallplanning of land use proposals and measures.
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