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Research And Application Of Fault Processing Technology In Distribution Network Automation System

Posted on:2020-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2432330572459290Subject:Control Engineering
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With the substantial improvement of residents' living standards and the sharp rise of national electricity consumption,users' standards for quality service,power quality and power supply reliability of power supply enterprises have been continuously improved.The traditional operation mode of power system has been unable to meet the new requirements of grid security,high quality and economic operation.The terminal link of the power network is the distribution network,which is the end directly connected with the user.It is the last link that the power system provides electric energy to the user.Therefore,the distribution network plays a key role in providing qualified electric energy to the user.How to solve the fault problem of distribution network efficiently and intelligentize management of distribution network is an important problem to be solved in current power network,and the emergence of distribution network automation system lays an important foundation for improving the operation and self-healing of distribution network.Fault location,isolation and restoration of distribution network automation is the key technology of fault handling,realize the power supply reliability requirements,accurate positioning for distribution network fault areas and quickly isolate,and failure area of the power supply for the restore operation,to reduce the blackout area,improve power supply reliability of distribution network has extremely vital significance.This paper first summarizes the development status and basic principle of distribution network automation and its fault treatment technology,the structure system function of distribution network system and the process of automatic fault treatment of feeder and the significance of implementation of fault treatment technology.Then,the paper elaborates on the establishment of Yizheng city distribution network model in the Yizheng city test base,simulates the automatic switch of the distribution network,analyzes the correct and reasonable operation logic of the fault treatment of the distribution network automation,and verifies the performance and application of the automation system.The verification results show that the automation level of distribution network in this region is significantly increased,and the power supply reliability is significantly increased.The automatic analysis system of distribution network can quickly complete the fault location and isolation,ensuring the normal and stable operation of distribution network and continuous high-quality power supply.The research results of this paper can provide relevant theoretical basis for the design and evaluation of the automatic transformation scheme of distribution network at the present stage of Yizheng city distribution network,and lay a solid foundation for the further construction of distribution network automation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distribution network automation system, Fault treatment, Feeder automation
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