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Research On The Theme Of "Fu, Lu And Shou" In Mianzhu New Year Pictures

Posted on:2021-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2435330611468482Subject:Fine Arts
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The Mianzhu New Year pictures in Sichuan,Yangjiabu New Year pictures in Shandong,Taohuawu New Year pictures in Suzhou,and Yangliuyang youth paintings in Tianjin are known as the "Four Great Chinese New Year Pictures",which have extremely high artistic and research value.No matter historical figures,women and children,folk legends,samurai gods,animals,flowers and fruits,they all have fortunate names and festive contents.The theme of "happiness,fortune and longevity"(known as Fu Lu Shou for short)is the most auspicious embodiment.This thesis is mainly based on the theory of imageology and folklore,combined with research methods such as literature research,image analysis,field investigation,etc.,with the theme of Mianzhu New Year's " Fu Lu Shou " as its core,carries on the content description,the form analysis and the connotation explanation.The New Year pictures in the area involved are mainly Mianzhu New Year pictures in Sichuan,supplemented by Jiangsu Taohuawu New Year pictures,Tianjin Yangliu youth pictures,and Shandong Yangjiabu New Year pictures.The time range involved is from the Qing Dynasty to modern times.Among the many themes of Mianzhu New Year's paintings," Fu Lu Shou " has various images and various modeling techniques.Its figures such as gods,birds and beasts,fairy flowers,grasses,and treasures are all visual carriers of auspicious concepts,and auspicious concepts are expressed in different ways such as symbols,symbols,and homonyms.This series of image content and expressions are analyzed to further explain the life pursuits,folk beliefs,intrinsic values,and cultural implications of the theme of " Fu Lu Shou " in Mianzhu New Year paintings.This article analyzes the theme of Mianzhu New Year's painting " Fu Lu Shou " from various angles,finds the true meaning of " Fu Lu Shou " in the symbol of "stillness" in the image,and thus fully understands the connotation of " Fu Lu Shou " in Mianzhu New Year's painting.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mianzhu New Year paintings, Fu Lu Shou, images, moral, connotation
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