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The Research Of Mianzhu New Year Pictures In The Background Of Cultural Industry

Posted on:2020-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330572998413Subject:Art theory
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As the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage,the Mianzhu New Year painting is the carrier of traditional culture and the embodiment of regional culture,and it plays an important practical role in the agricultural society.At present,the traditional function of Mianzhu New Year paintings is constantly weakening,and the disappearance of farming culture makes the public's demand and dependence on Mianzhu New Year paintings no longer exist during the festival.Mianzhu New Year paintings are facing the dilemma of survival and inheritance.The application for the world heritage list is only the first step of the protection work.Mianzhu New Year paintings need to find a way to adapt to the current consumer market and consumer habits of sustainable development under the leadership of the state and the participation of the public,because the development of Mianzhu New Year paintings from the beginning to the end cannot be separated from the market.Therefore,in the current "post-world heritage application era",specific measures and plans are the important work of protecting,inheriting and developing Mianzhu New Year paintings.Therefore,the national government has embarked on the road of developing the cultural industry in combination with tourism in order to inherit Mianzhu New Year paintings in a lively way.This paper is mainly divided into six parts,the introduction part describes the significance of the paper research,and summarizes the previous research results on the cultural industry and Mianzhu New Year Picture.The first chapter mainly expounds the artistic forms of Mianzhu New Year paintings,including the development process,content,theme,composition and color.The second chapter respectively discusses the motivation of Chen night talk of Mianzhu New Year paintings from the perspective of the value of Mianzhu New Year paintings and the national policy,and presents the industrial development current situation from the three aspects of tourist attractions,cultural products and festival activities.The chapter three focuses on the construction and inheritance of social identity ofMianzhu New Year Picture artists in the context of cultural industry and intangible cultural heritage protection.The chapter four analyzes the modern consumer groups,consumer demand and consumption characteristics from the perspective of consumers,See the modern transformation of mianzhu New Year paintings,as well as the shortcomings.The fifth chapter mainly discusses the difficulties faced by the industrial development of Mianzhu New Year Pictures,and puts forward that the overall tourism design should meet the consumption habits and needs,focus on exploring the symbolic value of cultural products,highlight its cultural connotation and value,and make full use of the mass media to publicize and display Mianzhu New Year Pictures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mianzhu New Year Pictures, Cultural Industry, The transformation of New Year paintings, Intangible cultural heritage
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