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Research On Government Responsibility In Building A Harmonious Doctor-patient Relationship

Posted on:2020-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship is an important factor in building a harmonious society and the basis for realizing the great Chinese dream.Since the 1980 s,the old medical and health system in our country has not adapted to the new period of reform and opening-up environment,after the two large-scale medical system reform,over the years,through the theoretical innovation and practical exploration,China's medical and health service system in the steady reform to establish and perfect,gradually adapted to the laws and requirements of moderm economic development.However,with the deepening of medical and health system reform,the reform of public hospitals has become a focus of social concern.At present,public hospitals are the main choice for medical treatment,which has become the intersection of numerous problems and contradictions in the medical and health industry.The disharmonious doctor-patient relationship is the main manifestation of the sharp contradiction in the social transformation period.The endless medical and patient disputes not only affect the development of medical technology and the cultivation of excellent medical and health personnel,but also run counter to the goal of building a harmonious society in China,and even hinder the social development and economic construction,which is a potential threat to the society and the country.Therefore,to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship,we should start from the government,study the theory of government responsibility,and improve the doctor-patient relationship from the source.It has certain reference value for solving the tension between doctors and patients and social instability.The main research content of this paper is the government responsibility in the construction of harmonious doctor-patient relationship:This paper is made up of five parts:The first part is the introduction.This paper mainly explains the research background,research significance and research status of the subject at home and abroad.The second part is the concept statement and theoretical support.The basic concept and theory of doctor-patient relationship,government responsibility and theory.The third part mainly tells about the current situation and problems of the government promoting the harmonious development of doctor-patient relationship.The current situation is mainly divided into the following steps:the analysis of the current situation of doctor-patient relationship in China;Investigation on Doctor-Patient Relationship in a Hospital of Qing Hai Province;The paper analyzes the problems that affect the harmonious development of doctor-patient relationship in China,and summarizes the following problems:First,the social public;Second,the construction of government system;Thirdly,there are three problems in resolving doctor-patient conflicts and disputes.The fourth part is to analyzes the reasons why the government responsibility is not in place in the construction of harmonious doctor-patient relationship.The fifth part is,the author puts forward the countermeasures of government responsibility in the process of the construction of harmonious doctor-patient relationship.Finally,it summarizes the contents of the full text,hoping to help to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.
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