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On The Legal Perfection Of The Permanent Residence System For Foreigners In Our Country

Posted on:2020-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The system of permanent residence of foreigners is an important immigration legal system accompanied by the phenomenon of international migration,and it is a legal system in which a government provides for the application,approval,acquisition,loss,daily management,welfare and treatment of permanent resident aliens.With the deepening of China's reform and opening up,the absorption of international talents has become an indispensable and important factor in economic and social development.Talent is an important factor to promote social development and progress.Under the influence of economic globalization,the free flow of human resources,technology,capital and other means of production has taken place,and countries have used scientific legal system and policy guidance to attract high-quality talents and investment.The system of permanent residence of foreigners attracts high-end talents,advanced technology and quality investment from all countries by providing foreign high-level talents and investors with entry and exit and residence facilities,and gives them a series of rights and investments,which promotes the rapid development of the country's economy.Since 2004,more than 15,700 permanent residents have been introduced in China in the 15 years,which has played a positive role in the country's overall national strength and greatly improved its international influence.However,under the global Internationalization economic framework development system,for high quality,high level to enhance China's soft and hard economic strength,so the degree of introduction of talent is far from enough.The reason is that the distribution of management functions in the current system of permanent residence of foreigners in China,the lag of legal content,the narrow scope of application and the excessive approval criteria restrict the pace of attracting overseas talents in China.Therefore,based on the perspective of his own job and based on the national conditions,the author intends to discuss the application conditions,acceptance procedures and management mechanism of the permanent residence system for foreigners in China from the point of view of legislative proposals,and puts forward some suggestions,such as refining the application category This paper puts forward its own thinking on the legal perfection of the permanent residence system for foreigners in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:permanent residence, green Card, single-line legislation, integration mechanism
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