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Research On The Permanent Residence System Of Foreigners In China

Posted on:2018-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J MoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330542476851Subject:International Law
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Immigrants of permanent residence in foreign countries will have an impact on the receiving countries,especially those who migrate to other countries under the technology and capital categories,which will have a direct impact on a country's science and technology and the field of economy.Countries around the world continue to develop and improve the flexible alien permanent residence system,including China who has been trying to perfect this system in recent years,in order to adapt to the new global trend to introduce talents.However,there are still many inadequacies existing in the foreigner's permanent residence system in China at present,including incomplete regulations of international immigration;strict requirements;confusing management system;imperfect national treatment and integration system etc.From the perspective of international law,international migration law and historical science,this topic mainly adopts the methods of literature research,comparative analysis,historical analysis,empirical analysis and others to research on the foreigner's permanent residence system.Including an overview of the system of permanent residence of foreigners,a comparative study of the international relatively system of permanent residence of foreigners and with some useful suggestions provided to China.Next is an analysis on the content and deficiency of permanent residence system in china.Finally,the author puts forward some suggestions to perfect the system of permanent residence of foreigners in China.Besides preface and conclusion,the paper is divided into four parts to discuss:The first part is an overview of the system of permanent residence of foreigners.First of all,the paper defines three concepts of permanent residence system of foreigners,nationality,permanent residence and immigration and clarifies the relationship between the three.Then it introduces the connotation of the permanent residence.At last,it analyses the function of foreigner permanent residence system.The second part is the foreigner permanent residence system of international experience for reference.Compared with the main content and advanced system of technology immigration system,investment immigration system and family immigration system,the enlightenment to China is:openness is the premise;practical utilitarianism is a purpose;a complete legal system is the basis;The perfect national treatment is the key;a flexible immigration management system is the effective means;service-oriented integration system of immigrants is the fundamental guarantee.The third part mainly analyzes the current situation and shortcomings of China's permanent residence system.The first is the main content of the study on China's permanent residence system,then analyzing its shortcomings,which is that there is still a lack of standardized and special regulations of international immigration;strict requirements;confusing management system;the imperfect national treatment and the non-existence of integration system etc.The fourth part puts forward some suggestions to improve the permanent residence system of foreigners in china on the basis of the foregoing.By combining the enlightenment to China from the relatively perfect permanent residence of foreigners and the reality of China's current situation,the system in China can be improved from the following five aspects,including changing immigration policy to the immigration legislation,setting flexible and practical application conditions,setting up management system in conformity with the national conditions,improving the level of national treatment and attaches great importance to the integration system.
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