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The Foreigner’s Permanent Residence System

Posted on:2015-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L H DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422977845Subject:International Law
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From the background of the world, international migration has become anirreversible trend in today’s era, meaning in this case study of foreigners permanentresidence system is very necessary and important. This paper is divided into threeparts to discuss。The first part is the overview of the system of permanent residence. The exit andentry of foreigners, foreigners, problems such as the legal status of permanentresidence system are discussed; the distinction between immigrants, permanentresidence and Naturalization concept.The second part is the foreigner’s permanent residence system and itscharacteristics of the world’s major countries and regions, mainly introduces the alienpermanent residence system and its characteristics America, Canada, Singapore,Britain and China’s Hongkong region. Including the right of permanent residenceapplication objects, conditions and management system and other content, at the endof the main countries and regions of the foreigner’s permanent residence system toevaluate and analyze the enlightenment to our country from.The third part is and improve the foreigner’s permanent residence system and itsevaluation in china. First introduces the alien permanent residence system in ourcountry, aiming at China’s permanent residence system management system lacks theeffective supervision, evaluation standard is not reasonable and right relief problemssuch as lack of system, put forward the legal suggestions. These suggestions includemodifying the "Immigration Control Act" and the "measures", in the nationality lawwith the increase in permanent residence system linked to the provisions of theemployment of foreigners and improve the management system of legislativeproposals, in addition to explore the establishment of permanent residence disputehandling coordination between new mode, with strong authority and strengthenpublicity etc. law enforcement proposals acceptance and approval.
Keywords/Search Tags:right of sanctuary, permanent residence, Residence system, Illegalresidence, Illegal employment
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