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Ecological Green Line: Promote The Integration And Exploration Of Certification Systems For Green Development

Posted on:2020-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330599956037Subject:Quality law
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This paper takes the certification system of promoting green development from the perspective of ecological green line as the research object.Firstly,it explains and analyzes the theoretical origin,etymological analysis,thinking mode,function and content of the ecological green line.The eco-green line is a benchmark that advocates people's constant climb to high-quality goals,and is a special expression of the theory of ecological civilization in the field of quality.After clarifying the interpretation and function of the ecological green line,the paper also discusses the logical relationship between the ecological green line and high quality,and further points out that the core of high-quality development is high-quality supply and high-quality demand,which requires a series of A high standard of standards that promote green development is achieved.With its own high standards,guiding,spiraling and non-mandatory as its unique perspective,the Eco Green Line has a comprehensive analysis of the certification system for promoting green development from both domestic and international perspectives,and will enable China to promote green development.The ecological certification system is divided into three categories of certification systems that are oriented toward products,services and the environment.Based on the analysis and integration of the above three categories of certification systems,the article puts forward the following four problems to be solved: the legislative provisions are vague and the ranks are low;the standards are applicable and the transparency is not high;the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in certification is not high;The regulatory system is not perfect.At the same time,it tries to find out the perfect path from the perspectives of perfecting the law and constructing the system,and proposes the preliminary concept of building China's ecological certification management system.Through the unified norms and system leadership,the development of the certification system in the perspective of China's ecological green line is realized.The main part of the full text is mainly composed of the following four parts: the first part mainly analyzes and locates the interpretation and function of the ecological green line;the second part mainly points out the current status of the system of certification system that promotes the nature of green development at home and abroad.In contrast,the author puts forward the outstanding problems in the construction of China's ecological certification system.The third partmainly proposes to solve the problem of institutional development on the basis of integrating and promoting the certification system of green development in China.The fourth part is mainly from the perspective of system construction.The path selection of China's ecological certification management system construction from the perspective of ecological green line is launched.
Keywords/Search Tags:certification system, ecological green line, institutional exploration
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