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The Role And Role Of The "senior Representative" In The EU's Common Foreign And Security Policy

Posted on:2020-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330596965198Subject:International relations
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The establishment of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security is an improving measure after the EU's reflection on the Common Foreign and Security Policy,and also a new step taken by the EU along the road towards political integration.Treaty of Lisbon,which entered into force in December 2009,redefines the High Representative,who serves as a vice-President of the European Commission and the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Council and takes charge of CFSP of the EU.This paper analyzes the role of the HR in CFSP after reviewing the evolution of the functions of the HR.The paper is mainly divided into the following parts: The first chapter shows the background of the establishment of the HR,as well as the evolution of HR's duties.The second chapter analyzes the adjustment of the function of HR by Treaty of Lisbon,particularly its triple-hat role.The third chapter takes the EU's mediation of the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia as an example,analyzing the role played by the HR in the mediation before and its characteristics in different periods.This paper argues that,compared with the earlier HR under the Treaty of Amsterdam,this “new” role under the Treaty of Lisbon not only acts a performer,but also becomes more involved in policy-making process.This will help to promote the overall image of the EU's external contacts and enhance the consistency of the EU's foreign policy.Although the HR's functions are still limited by the intergovernmental nature of CFSP,the position has become a key role in dealing with regional issues in the EU's mediation process between Serbia and Kosovo.As a policy planner and policy enforcer,The HR is able to coordinate the consensus among EU institutions on the direction of policy,and a strengthened role of the HR is able to make an effective use of various tools to solve the problem,thus encouraging national reconciliation and regional stability.The HR's hard work has strengthened the EU's influence in the Balkans and greatly enhanced the effectiveness the CFSP.
Keywords/Search Tags:European Union, High Representative, EU Common Foreign and Security Policy, Relation between Kosovo and Serbia, Treaty of Lisbon
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