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Changes In The Relationship Between The "One Belt One Road" Initiative And Japan's "Indo-Pacific Concept" From An Economic Perspective

Posted on:2021-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China's "Belt and Road" initiative is actively developing economic cooperative partnership with countries along the route.One of the reasons japan's "Indo-Pacific Vision" was launched to hedge China's "Belt and Road" initiative,to open up the Indian Ocean and the Pacific ocean,and to carry out maritime security cooperation and economic cooperation with the vast number of countries in the region in response to the rapid rise and increasing maritime activity of China.A large part of the region where the strategic vision of the two countries is implemented coincides,the Indo-Pacific region,which determines that the economic activities of the two countries in the region also have a great degree of similarity and competitiveness,as reflected in the competition between the two countries for the economic development dominance in the region,the crowding of each other's markets and The Japanese question of the "Belt and Road" initiative in many aspects.Behind these competitive performances,in addition to the strategic competitive relationship between economic activities between the two countries,there are factors such as the difference in relative earnings and the structural contradictions between the two countries.China's "Belt and Road" initiative actively develops economic partnership with countries along the route,Japan faces domestic and international changes such as weak domestic consumer market,the impact of U.S.isolationism after Trump took office,and the return of China-Japan relations to track,and when a Japan-led "India-Pacific strategy" faces difficulties in implementing it.Japan is beginning to realize the opportunity for China and Japan to avoid vicious competition and achieve a win-win situation.Thus the attitude gradually changed from negative to positive,since then the two countries have been expanding the scale of trade,increase economic and trade exchanges,and carried out third-party market cooperation between China and Japan as the representative of economic cooperation.Under various positive tendencies,the Belt and Road Initiative and the Indo-Pacific Vision economic cooperation have positive prospects,and cooperation between the two sides in many fields is not only in line with the needs of the times,but also to meet the opportunities of development.But also look at potential obstacles.Therefore,for China and Japan to overcome the contradictions and obstacles to cooperation,the two sides should recognize the advantages and necessity of cooperation,continue to improve cooperation mechanisms and further strengthen mutual trust in communication.
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