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Research On Competitive Balance And Performance Of Professional Sports League

Posted on:2018-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q B ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330515988252Subject:Sports economics and management
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This research takes the competitive balance and balance mechanism of professional sports league as the major object,using the methods of literature review,mathematical statistics,to research on the relationship between competitive balance and performance of professional sports league.Through the research of the NBA 2006-2016 season,using the GINI coefficient,HHI index and the winning standard deviation as competitive balance measures,using the team value,BRI and the number of audience as the performance measures,research the relationship between the competitive balance and performance of the NBA.Using SPSS and Eviews software to analyzes the correlation between them,and explores the intrinsic motivation of the balance mechanism.Combined with the current situation of the CBA,learn from the NBA,making relevant countermeasures for the CBA's competitive balance mechanism.The main conclusions are as follows:Firstly,the degree of competitive balance and performance of the NBA is weak correlation.After more than 60 years of development,NBA's competitive balance is higher,so the trend is not obvious.But NBA's products have high value-added,resulting the league in the broadcast,sponsorship and other aspects of the overall revenue growth in the past three years.Secondly,the winning standard deviation,HHI index and the GINI coefficient are the proper criterions to measure the competitive balance of the NBA and the CBA.Thirdly,the competitive balance of NBA is not obvious,while that of CBA fluctuates greatly,reflecting that CBA is underdevelopment and the competitive balance needs to be improved.Forth,the competitive balance mechanisms of CBA are less effective,leading to poor competitive level of competition and lower performance,so it is necessary to found a new balances mechanism for CBA's development.The mechanism will focus on the club salary expenditure,improve the club itself and the overall benefits of the CBA,regulate the player transfer system,and complete the draft system.The balance mechanism will divide into input-output and competitive strength in two parts.The suggestions are as follows:Firstly,it is suggested that the distribution mechanism of the CBA should take full account of the development stage of the league.Secondly,for the CBA's overall balance of interests,we should try to ensure that the team get more stable financial support.It is recommended that the rationalization of the distribution of benefits be ensured on the base of research and practice.Thirdly,as the CBA don't have a player association,players in the face of their own rights and interests have been infringed,there is no organization for their rights.So we need to found a CBA player association;if it is illegal,the CBA league should protect its player's rights.
Keywords/Search Tags:Professional Sports League, Competitive Balance, Performance, Balance Mechanism
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