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The Investigation And Analysis Of The Current Situation Of Middle School Students' Intuitive Thinking In Solving The Problem Of "plane Geometry" In Junior High Schools

Posted on:2019-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an important part of innovative thinking,Mathematical intuition thinking has a deep effect on the historical development of mankind.Therefore,as teachers,they should not only teach students to prove but also teach them how to guess,push the students to the front of the problem,and thus effective Improve students' problem solving skills and intuitive thinking skills.So to improve the students' intuitive level in junior middle school stage,education workers is necessary to re-examine the importance of intuitive thinking,it is necessary to understand the present junior middle school plane geometry for middle school students what are the features of mathematics intuition thinking and status as well as in the plane geometry problem solving students' intuitive characteristic.This paper mainly studies the concept of intuition thinking and the importance of cultivating students' ability of intuition thinking.Through investigation,it finds out what characteristics and conditions of mathematical intuition thinking of middle school students in plane geometry,and puts forward some feasible measures to improve students' intuition of mathematics.The first part combines with the current situation of the research on intuition thinking at home and abroad,illustrates the importance of the status quo of middle school students' mathematical intuition thinking and the ability of cultivating students' intuition thinking.The second part mainly discusses the conception of mathematical intuition thinking based on the theory of intuition thinking,expounds the characteristics and manifestations of mathematical intuition thinking,as well as the embodiment of mathematical intuition thinking in four description plane geometry.In the third part,through investigation,we know the status quo of middle school students' mathematical intuition thinking in plane geometry.It can be learned that at this stage,students mainly show chance,simplicity and experience when learning plane geometry.The correlation analysis of mathematical intuition thinking ability shows that students' mathematical intuition thinking is related to students' gender,math achievement and knowledge solidity.Therefore,based on the above research and SPSS.19.0,we finally formulate a teaching strategy to improve students' abilities of thinking intuitively.Therefore,under the guide of the above research,this paper puts forward five develop students mathematical intuition thinking ability teaching strategies,specific include: pay attention to students knowledge reserve,trains the student to observe,lenovo ability;Create "texturnn" classroom,stimulate intuition thinking;The analogy,induction habit,contributing to the overall concept;Number shape union,extension for the depth and breadth of intuition thinking;Pay attention to the problem solving training class.Finally,the study of this article to summarize and reflect on,and put forward the deficiency,and after study,the focus of the work.
Keywords/Search Tags:mathematical intuition thinking, plane geometry, grade6-9, strategies
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