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Research On The Influencing Factors Of The Training Of Information Teaching Skills For Normal Students

Posted on:2020-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330572471269Subject:Education Technology
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With the continuous advancement of education informationization,various emerging technologies are constantly applied to all aspects of education and teaching,teaching resources,teaching methods,etc.have undergone tremendous changes.With information technology implementing classroom teaching has become an important trend in educational development.Only when teachers can effectively use technology to serve education and teaching,can they better improve the efficiency and efficiency of education and teaching.Teachers are the most critical factors in knowledge dissemination in the education system.The development of information age puts forward higher requirements for teachers' information-based teaching ability.Normal students are the future reserve forces for teachers.Information technology teaching ability is an important manifestation of information technology teaching ability.Therefore,this study attempts to take normal students as the research object,from the school level to explore the factors that affect the cultivation of normal students' information-based teaching skills.It aims to provide theoretical support for schools to train high-quality teachers in the information age.This study first explains the background,theoretical value and practical significance of the information-based teaching skills of normal students.On the basis of relevant research at home and abroad,combined with on-the-spot investigation,this paper establishes the factors influencing the cultivation of information-based teaching skills of normal students from the perspective of school personnel training(mainly including six aspects: training objectives,curriculum,practice,assessment,teacher strength,teaching facilities).Secondly,on the basis of deeply analyzing the forming rules of information technology teaching skills of normal school students and combining with the actual needs of using information technology teaching,the information technology teaching skills are divided into four aspects: information instructional design skills,information classroom teaching skills,information teaching evaluation skills and information teaching research skills.Thirdly,based on the existing research and interview results,this paper hypothesizes the correlation between the factors affecting the cultivation of information-based teaching skills of normal students and the correlation between each factor and each dimension of information-based teaching skills,and establishes the preliminary influencing factors model of information-based teaching skills of normal students.Then,according to the model hypothesis,the questionnaire is designed,and some colleges and universities in Shandong Province are selected to carry out the survey by combining the online survey with the offline survey.Based on the survey data,the research hypothesis is verified,and the preliminary modelis revised in several rounds to establish the final models of influencing factors.The results show that:(1)Training objective(0.610),assessment(0.465),practice(0.377),faculty(0.153)and curriculum(0.150)all have significant effects on IT-based instructional design skills,and the effects are weakened in turn.(2)Training objective(0.621),assessment(0.415),practice(0.403),faculty(0.309)and curriculum(0.188)all have significant effects on the teaching skills of information-based teaching,and the effects are weakened in turn.(3)Training objective(0.751),practice(0.466),assessment(0.386)and curriculum(0.168)all have significant effects on the evaluation skills of information-based teaching,and the effect is weakened in turn.(4)Training objective(0.561),assessment(0.475),practice(0.432)and teaching facilities(0.290)all have significant effects on information-based teaching and research skills,and the effects are weakened in turn.According to the conclusions of the study,the following research suggestions are put forward at the school level in order to improve the information-based teaching skills of normal school students.Give full play to the advantages of school education,while advocating"autonomy" training characteristics;Strengthen the curriculum "diversification" settings,highlight the "normal" and "academic" nature of normal education;Implement the strategy of"going out" and "inviting in",and actively try the mode of "joint training";With the teaching practice ability as the point of view,the overall design of assessment and evaluation system";With dialogue and communication as a link,we should strengthen the construction of"double-qualified" teaching staff.From the perspective of resources,we should examine the teaching behavior and strengthen the use of "unconventional" resources.With the emergence and development of new technology,teaching equipment is increasingly updated,teaching resources are increasingly diversified,and education model is constantly updated.Teachers' information-based teaching skills will be paid more attention by educational researchers and practitioners.Teachers' information-based teaching skills are important factors to enhance the effectiveness of knowledge imparting and improve classroom efficiency.On the one hand,it can promote the process of information-based education in terms of quality,on the other hand,it can promote the process of information-based education in terms of speed.At the same time,it plays a vital role in cultivating students' ability of information-based learning and promoting their professional development.In the follow-up researchers will continue to enrich the connotation of information-based teaching skills,explore more levels of factors affecting normal students' information-based teaching skills,and build a more rigorous and scientific model of influencing factors.Based on the practice,this paper puts forward effective and easy-to-operate promotion strategies,which can provide reference and reference for schools to cultivate high-quality teachers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Normal students, Information technology teaching skills, Influencing factors, Model building, Structural equation
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