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Research On The Intervention Of Psychological Film Class On The Psychological Capital Of High School Students

Posted on:2020-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330578977039Subject:Mental health education
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At the end of the 20th century,with the rise of positive psychology,psychology and other fields began to pay attention to the positive emotions and traits of individuals.The research on psychological capital has attracted more and more attention from scholars at home and abroad.The high school students are in the adolescent stage,which is a crucial period of their life development.Several factors like physical changes,increasing academic pressure,and complex relationships have caused various contradictions and conflicts for the psychology of high school students.If they want better growth and better adaptation,they need good psychological capital as their support.The characteristics of psychological capital determine that it can be intervened and improved through training,education,discovery,cultivation and management.Therefore,this paper takes T Senior High School as an example to investigate the current status of the psychological capital of the students.Firstly,a questionnaire survey is conducted to get a preliminary understanding of the current status of students'psychological capital.Secondly,the psychological capital status of the students is analyzed and compared from several aspects such as gender and class type through SPSS.On the basis of such data,a series of psychological film courses is designed,hoping to enhance students' psychological capital by appreciating movies and combining psychological classes.The experiment uses the design of an experimental class and a non-experimental class.The research result shows that the psychological capital level of the experimental class is significantly different from that of the non-experimental class in three dimensions.The experimental research result indicates that the psychological film course is an effective means and method to help the high school students improve their psychological capital.After the experiment,the psychological film mode gets a good evaluation,in accord with the expected result.Therefore,the psychological film courses designed in this study are effective and feasible,and can be applied and promoted in the psychological curriculum of senior high schools to improve students'psychological capital level.
Keywords/Search Tags:psychological capital, psychological film course, psychological capital intervention
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