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A Intervention Study On Psychological Capital Of College Students

Posted on:2014-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330401981000Subject:Applied Psychology
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Psychological Capital with component of self-efficacy, hope, optimism and resiliencyhas emerged as a core construct, which has been defined as “an individual’s positivepsychological state of development”. Adistinguishing feature is that it is “state-like” and thusopen to development. Anumber of studies have tested the relationship between PsychologicalCapital and various individual’s attitudes, behaviors and performance. The results consistentlyshowed that Psychological Capital is positively related to desirable attitudes, behaviors andperformance and is negatively related to undesirable attitudes, behaviors and performance.More than that, Psychological Capital has also been demonstrated to be related to individual’smental health and well-being by the other researches. For these reasons, it is significant toresearch and development Psychological Capital.This study used a questionnaire concerning Psychological Capital of college students.Data were collected from839students studying in3college of Northeastern Provinces. Weanalyze whether psychological capital can be developed through an8times group trainingintervention. The results shown as follow:1The Psychological Capital of college students is good in actual status, the score ishigher than the theoretical average level.2There are significant difference on the aspects of the types of college, majors, gradesand singleton or not in total score. The Normal college students’ score is significant higherthan Engineering college students’, science students’ score is significant higher than artestudents’, the score of sophomore and junior is significant higher than freshman’s, studentswith siblings get higher score than the ones without siblings.3There are no significant difference among students with different gender and nativeplace, which is opposite to results of former researches.4For the low-level students, college students’ psychological capital intervention trainingcan develop the psychological capital level effectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:college student, psychological capital, investigation, intervention
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