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Research On The Collaborative Innovation Knowledge Service Model Of My Country's University Think Tank Alliance

Posted on:2021-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330602497842Subject:Books intelligence
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China attaches great importance to the construction and development of think tanks in colleges and universities.In order to better integrate and share resources,different types of think tanks and think tank alliances have emerged in various industries.At present,the number of think tank alliances in Chinese universities is not large enough and they are all in the early stage of development.In terms of knowledge services,it hasn't showed its own influence yet.Based on this,this paper firstly expounds and explains the concepts of university think tank,university think tank alliance and knowledge service,meanwhile,some relevant theories and research methods are introduced in this paper as well.Through the site investigation and literature research,it investigates respectively from the alliance members,union organization knowledge service mode,the alliance knowledge service users,and the problems existing in the league of Jilin province colleges and universities,a think-tank,unions and think-tank in colleges and universities in Henan province research and analysis of the current our country university think-tank alliance in the knowledge service problems and the necessity of building alliance knowledge service mode.Then,the construction of knowledge service mode of think tank alliance of colleges and universities is carried out and the advantages of the model are analyzed in the context of establishing the principle and aim of knowledge service mode of think tank alliance of colleges and universities in China.Finally,some strategies are put forward in this paper for the construction of the alliance organization from the following aspects: strengthening the cooperative service of multiple subjects,improving the knowledge service level and enriching the knowledge resources of the alliance,and promoting the sustainable development of the alliance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Think tank alliance of universities, Information services, Synergy innovation, Service mod
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