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Research On The Construction Mechanism Of Teachers' Education Alliance In Colleges And Universities Of Yunnan Province From The Perspective Of Cooperative Innovation

Posted on:2015-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330452451933Subject:Principles of Education
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The plan for Improving Innovative Capabilities in University aims to establish aset of Collaborative Innovation Centers which are science-oriented, culture-orientedinnovation and region-oriented development, and also make an attempt to findflexible modes with diverse demand under the favorable circumstance. CollaborativeInnovation, as an approach to exploit Human Resources and drive the innovation, hassignificant guidance and practical meaning to Yunnan Province Alliance of TeachersEducation. The ultimate objective of this organization is to make the innovation of theTeachers Education come true and it also has its own development and operatingmechanism, which has played an important part in the course of the development ofthe institution.So far, the research on this issue has mainly emphasized particularly on thedescription of the institution, while it has paid little attention to the systemic andin-depth studying on the development and operating mechanism. Therefore, in thisdissertation I will research the institution from the perspective of CollaborativeInnovation and I have chosen the development and operating mechanism as theconfine of the thesis. By studying the documentary and using qualitative analysis withthe status quo of the development and the situation of operating, the paper tries tobuild the operating mechanism of the Alliance of Teachers Education..At last, the paper reaches the following conclusion: firstly, Yunnan ProvinceAlliance of Teachers Education has made many achievements in a short time, such asmanagement bodies have been built and special subjects on the Teacher Educationhas been established, but some problems still exist in operating mechanism. Secondly,the Senate and Secretariat constitute foundation of operating mechanism of YunnanProvince Alliance of Teachers Education. Thirdly, the operating mechanism ofYunnan Province Alliance of Teachers Education is in the primary stage, which needsto be improved and completed. Lastly, in the angle of Collaborative Innovation, theoperating mechanism should be constructed in these aspects including inspiriting, sharing, platform and performance appraisal and guarantee.
Keywords/Search Tags:Collaborative Innovation, the Alliance of Teachers Education, theOperating Mechanism, Universities
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