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A Practical Study On The Application Of Metacognition To The Cultivation Of Mathematical Problem-solving Habits In Junior Middle School

Posted on:2016-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Problem solving is the core of mathematics. Details determine success or failure, a good habit in solving problems and learning is very important. A good habit can help students solve problems or solve problems, so that the process of solving the problem of meta cognition is helpful for students to develop effective problem-solving habits. Through questionnaire survey of junior students' mathematics problem solving habit and meta cognition in solving mathematics problems, the use of the status quo, to understand the actual situation and make an analysis. To carry out the experimental study, through observation, test, comparison, research how to use meta cognitive analysis process of the junior high school math problems, accumulate experience in solving problems, develop a good habit of solving problems, forming ability, improve the effect, develop mathematical thinking habits.To cultivate the students'awareness of self- Yun Yongyuan, in the analysis of the problem, the combination of the conditions and problems, the combination of conditions, the contact problem, the correct and complete solution to the problem, and the accumulation of junior high school mathematics problem solving.The main conclusions of the study,1, metacognition to help students develop good habits of solving problems, to speed up the analysis of the math problem or speed, improve the accuracy and to solve the problem of academic achievement promotion:(1) students understand their math problems in the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages, solve the problem of topic type, give full play to the advantages of solving problems; (2) the students understand the metacognitive knowledge and strategies, the metacognitive strategies into the analysis process monitoring and control, to develop good problem-solving habits significantly outside; 2, to the junior middle school mathematics typical mathematical problem as an example, summarizes the solutions to guide students in the application of metacognitive strategies in junior high school students can help form the good thinking analysis of mathematical problem habit.3. Students understand and apply the meta cognition to analyze problems and solve problems in mathematics problem solving.
Keywords/Search Tags:junior math, metacognition, analyze math problems, problem—solving habits, the development of scientific thought of junior middle school students
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