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Study On The Optimization Of Shandong Agricultural Transformation And Upgrading Support Policy Based On Structural Reform Of Supply-side

Posted on:2018-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy.Since Reform and Opening-up,especially since entering the new century,under the impetus of various policies,Shandong agricultural development has made tremendous achievements,also has many contradictions and problems,especially in terms of structure,mainly on the supply side structural reforms,which is an important task of modern agricultural development in Shandong province in the next period.This requests us from the perspective of policy improvement,advancing with The Times to promote agricultural policy innovation,continue to intensify policy.Based on the above goals and ideas,this paper uses qualitative research methods of statistical analysis of empirical research,starting from defining the relevant concepts,to promote transformation and upgrading of agricultural support policies in Shandong,put forward specific policy recommendations.There are seven chapters in this text.The first chapter is the introduction;The second chapter is the related concepts and theoretical basis;The third chapter is about the evolution of the Shandong agricultural support policy since the reform and opening up,summed up the Shandong agricultural development results,explore the evolution law of agricultural support policy and the impact on the agricultural development;The fourth chapter analyses the problems existing in the agricultural supply-side,and theoretically analysis the reasons of the problems;Chapter five and chapter six transformation and upgrading of Shandong agriculture support policy system build and tool selection map,and put forward specific path optimization The seventh chapter is conclusion and outlook.Research shows that policy is an important driving force of modern agricultural development.Since Reform and Opening-up,Shandong builds up a well-done supportprotection policy system,which made the agricultural achieved the significant transition from negative to positive,promote the agricultural development has realized a historical breakthrough.With the enhancement of the economic and social comprehensive strength,the Shandong agricultural support policies continue to strengthen and perfectly transformate.Under the new circumstances,Shandong agricultural policies must have a big reform,to complete the transformation of development.On the basic train of thought,to fully implement the central agricultural policy,further intensify policy,optimize the structure of the policy,strengthen policy coordination prominent performance,give full play to the policy effect.On the policy target,to highlight a sharp rise in the supply of agricultural products quality.To promote the continued rapid increase in rural incomes,Promoting the development of green agriculture,Improving agricultural comprehensive competition ability,Narrow the gap between urban and rural development;.On the tool selection,a variety of tools should be integrated use,to improve the precision and efficiency of policy.In the concrete path,to optimize the industrial policy,microcosm policy,reform policy and support the protection policy,to form an agricultural production system,operating system,upgrade policy system,structures,to balance urban and rural development policy framework,to have a better promote agricultural transformation and upgrading.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agricultural transformation and upgrading, Support policies, Supply-side structural reform
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