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Research On The Factors Affecting The Success Of Jingdong Crowdfunding Project

Posted on:2019-08-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the flourishing development of Internet finance,crowdfunding has emerged as a new financing method.The traditional financing method is mainly based on whether to obtain funds,but crowdfunding is different,not only has low threshold,but also its commercial value is no longer measured only by whether to obtain funds.As long as the project is liked by netizens,this project can be funded by crowdfunding.Therefore,crowdfunding offers possibilities for many SMEs and entrepreneurs who do not have sufficient funds.The crowdfunding's threshold is low and varied.It depends on the public power and can provide a platform for creative projects.These features enable crowdfunding to broaden the financing channels for companies.Therefore,raising the success rate of crowdfunding projects is crucial to the financing of SMEs and entrepreneurs.The main content of this paper is divided into the following aspects: First,summarize the background of China's Internet finance,expounds the function and features of crowdfunding,and the existing barriers to the development of crowdfunding in China,and put forward the significance of studying the success factors of crowdfunding financing projects,and review and summarize domestic and foreign scholars' research findings on crowdfunding,including the concept of crowdfunding,factors that influence the success of crowdfunding projects,and the mode of crowdfunding;second,explain the relevant theoretical basis of crowdfunding and provide theory for the article,and introduces foreign ways to promote the development of crowdfunding;third,describe the status of JD crowdfunding projects,introduce the background and current status of JD Finance Group and JD crowdfunding projects,and compare JD crowdfunding projects with other's crowdfunding projectes.Fourth,taking JD crowdfunding project as an example for empirical analysis,using the logit model for regression analysis,and obtaining relevant factors related to the success of JD crowdfunding project;Fifth,drawing the conclusion of the article and put forward feasible Suggestions for JD crowdfunding project.Compared with the crowdfunding development abroad,China's crowdfunding research started relatively late.Most of the research on crowdfunding is focused on its connotation and legal support.This article focuses on the success factors of crowdfunding project.In this paper,through the empirical research on the JD crowdfunding project,summarizes the relevant factors for the success of the crowdfunding project,so that the crowdfunded participants have a better understanding of crowdfunding and can raise the better use of all the channels,continuously improve the suggests project success rate.
Keywords/Search Tags:crowdfunding, influencing factors, Logit regression analysis, suggestion
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