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Study On The Development Strategy Of Smes Under The Background Of Structural Reform On The Supply Side

Posted on:2019-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z K ZengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330572966978Subject:Marxist economics
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With the introduction of structural reforms on the supply side,the contradiction between supply and demand has increasingly become the focus and focus of attention.At present,China's economic development is at a critical node.However,overcapacity in such industries as steel,coal,and cement has greatly hindered the healthy,stable,and sustained growth of the overall economy.The supply of essential factors,products,and systems is a significant problem.The structural contradictions in China's economy have also become increasingly prominent.As a major component of the economic society,SMEs have played a key role in promoting economic growth,creating economic vitality,promoting technological innovation,and expanding employment.However,under the policy background of supply-side structural reforms,The vigorous reform of the Party has made the majority of SMEs face the opportunities for advancement and the challenges of reform.On the one hand,with the guidance and support of policies,SMEs can identify risks in advance,define the direction of development and market strategies,further stimulate the internal driving force of their innovation and development,and contribute to structural adjustment and strategic upgrading under the new situation;On the one hand,the inherent defects of SMEs,such as insufficient scale,lack of funds,and weak ability to resist risks,are vulnerable to the influence and constraints of the external environment,making them vulnerable to reforms and development,resulting in bankruptcy or restructuring.It also has an adverse impact on the macroeconomic environment.Therefore,SMEs as one of the main suppliers,the supply-side reform not only relates to the development of micro-individual enterprises,but also plays an extremely important role in the healthy,sustained and stable growth of the entire macroeconomic environment.Therefore,under the background of supply-side reforms,the development concepts and development strategies of SMEs need to be repositioned.How to make SMEs overcome market fluctuations,reasonably adjustproduction methods,and achieve technological innovation have also become a necessity and must be explored.problem.In this paper,starting from the background significance of the proposed policy,first of all,under the supply-side structural reform,the role of SMEs and the necessity of transformation and development are discussed,and the impact of structural reforms on the supply side for SMEs is analyzed.In the case of changes in the economic environment,optimizing its own structure and achieving transformation and upgrading are of great significance to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and even to the efficient operation of the local economy and the overall economy.This article mainly consists of five parts.The first part is to explain the background,content,innovation and inadequacy of this article.The second part is the research basis of this article,defines related concepts,and sorts out the literature from the perspectives of local government and enterprise transformation and upgrading.It also seeks the theoretical basis for the study of this article.The third part analyzes the development status and predicament of SMEs,and analyzes the development strategies of SMEs under the structural reform of supply side.The fourth part is based on the third part,and analyzes in detail the development strategies of the SMEs.The fifth part is based on the above analysis and summarizes the two dimensions of corporate and government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply-side structural reform, SMEs, Development strategy, Transformation and Upgrade
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