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Research On The Issue Of Knowledge Governance In Teams:A Case Study Of B Venture Capital Team

Posted on:2021-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From 2013 to 2018,with the rapid development of the global economy,China's venture capital industry has entered the fast track of rapid development.Venture capital is not only an important guarantee to promote national scientific and technological progress,industrial transformation and upgrading,and social capital optimization,but also the core driving force for enterprises to expand financing channels,improve risk prevention and control level,and improve operation activities.The changing market demand and technology change frequently make investment institutions need significant changes have taken place in breadth and depth of knowledge,and research and development in order to avoid market failure caused by asymmetric information risk,more and more investment institutions through venture capital team improve risk investment performance,how to reasonable use of risk management measures to improve the team members and shared knowledge creation level has become a team for the key to the success of venture capital.Given the importance of the knowledge governance team development of risk investment,risk investment team as the research object,based on the B of the organic combination of knowledge management and risk investment team,through the research on literature analysis and empirical research,this paper discusses the risk investment team knowledge governance issues,and for B risk investment team designed the scheme of knowledge governance.This paper studies the knowledge governance of B venture capital team through six chapters.Firstly,this paper introduces the research background and practical significance of knowledge governance of venture capital teams by analyzing the current development scale and trend of venture capital industry in China.According to the operation characteristics of the venture capital team and the urgent demand for knowledge governance,the purpose,content,method and technical route of this research are proposed.Secondly,through the literature analysis of team knowledge governance,the key influencing factors of team knowledge flow and the implementation effect of governance measures are summarized.Combining knowledge process key factors(team awareness and recognition of human resource management,knowledge management platform of familiarity,the importance of a team leader,the structure of the organization of knowledge acquisition support member,the demand for knowledge,and willingness to participate in knowledge process,tacit knowledge conversion,organizational culture recognition)to build knowledge process of screening directory;Based on the formal knowledge management,organization structure,knowledge management platform,executive support,incentive mechanism)and informal knowledge management,organizational culture atmosphere,informal organization,informal mechanisms)put forward the governance mechanism effect directory,and then to risk investment team knowledge management issues in the following sections of the theoretical basis for effective recognition and the choice of governance measures.Thirdly,through understanding the background of,based on knowledge process difficulty screening directory,the empirical analysis by means of questionnaire interview team B activity status of knowledge,knowledge of B venture capital team process for effective identification,the key problems in analysis,governance problems exist in the B team knowledge process to provide the reference.Then,according to the effective governance scope and effect of various formal and informal governance measures,the governance scheme of B venture capital team's knowledge flow dilemma is proposed,and the guarantee measures are proposed from four aspects of organizational structure,organizational atmosphere and technical support of responsibility system.Finally,in view of the proposed B venture capital team knowledge governance improvement plan,process institutionalization of formal knowledge governance combined with informal knowledge governance,puts forward three suggestions,so as to facilitate team will train to infiltrate knowledge governance work,ensure the efficient knowledge governance work of the team.
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