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The Research On The Performance Of Small And Micro Enterprise Loan Business In H Rural Commercial Bank Of Hunan Province

Posted on:2020-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Small and micro enterprises are the driving force for China's national economic growth,and it has positive practical significance to continuously strengthen the financial services of small and micro enterprises.Due to the small scale and high risk of small and micro enterprises in China,commercial banks are driven by profit maximization,which makes small and micro enterprises suffer financial exclusion for a long time.The original intention of the establishment of the rural commercial bank was to serve the “three rural”,regional small and medium-sized enterprises,and the strong regional advantages of the rural commercial banks.This also provided an opportunity for the rural commercial banks to develop small and micro enterprise loans.Although the small and micro enterprise credit business carried out by the rural commercial banks has achieved certain results,most of the small and micro enterprises are still in the financing difficulties due to the lack of congenital conditions of small and micro enterprises and the imperfect control of the agricultural business.Especially in recent years,China's economic development has entered a new normal,economic growth has slowed down,and the operating profit of small and micro enterprises has shrunk severely.However,small and micro enterprises need to immediately transform their novel business models in order to further develop,and they need a lot of funds to support their development.And the rural commercial banks can take this opportunity to vigorously innovate and develop the existing small and micro enterprise loan business to improve their performance level.This paper is based on the research theory of small and micro enterprise credit business at home and abroad,and selected H rural commercial bank in Hunan Province as the research object.Firstly,the research on the current development status of H rural commercial bank small and micro enterprise loan business is carried out,and the development history,product type and operation status of small and micro enterprise credit business are elaborated respectively,and the current stage of H rural commercial bank small and micro enterprise credit business is obtained.What problems exist in development.Furthermore,through empirical research and analysis methods to determine the performance results of small and micro enterprises credit business,and then analyze the impact of small and micro enterprise credit business performance in two levels.The research method is mainly divided into the following three steps: First,based on the three frameworks of microfinance theory,an index system for evaluating the performance of credit business of small and micro enterprises is constructed.Second,based on the entropy weight method and the analytic hierarchy process,respectively The weight value of the indicator is then assigned by the “integration method”.Thirdly,the comprehensive evaluation method is used to calculate the comprehensive performance of the small and micro enterprise loan business.Finally,combined with the successful experience of small and micro enterprise credit business differentiation service system and the emphasis on small and micro enterprise financial service channel construction,the paper proposes countermeasures for H Rural Commercial Bank to further improve the performance of small and micro enterprise loan business.H Rural Commercial Bank needs to improve its small and micro enterprise loan business performance from the following four aspects.First,implement comprehensive management of customer information to alleviate the problem of small and micro information asymmetry.Second,attach importance to the construction of financial service channels for small and micro enterprises and reduce operating costs.Third,to create a differentiated micro-financial service system and strengthen core competitiveness;including research and development of differentiated products,construction of differentiated processes,establishment of differentiated institutions and training of specialized teams.Finally,effective control of risks will promote the sustainable development of credit security for small and micro enterprises;mainly reduce the credit risk by strengthening the allocation and management of risk control personnel,establishing internal internal risk control systems and establishing extensive cooperation mechanisms.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural commercial bank, Small and micro enterprise loan, Performance, Entropy weight method, Analytic hierarchy process
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