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Study On Demarcation Of Functional Zoning Of Land And Resources In Yanchang County

Posted on:2020-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330590487234Subject:Master of Agricultural Extension Agricultural resource utilization
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Defining the functional division of land and space is the core work of land planning.By carrying out the evaluation of the suitability of land and space functions,demarcating the functional division of land and space,guiding the arrangement of ecological,agricultural and urban and rural spaces,standardizing the behavior and methods of land use,alleviating the contradiction between agriculture,urban and rural areas,and ecological function space,and also for the new era of national land space.Guidance on the preparation of the plan.Taking the extension county as the research area,this paper firstly analyzes the land use degree and the spatial structure transfer characteristics of the extension county in 2009,2013 and 2017 by means of the ESDA method and the center of gravity model,and explores the characteristics of the land use of the county;secondly,based on resources and ecology.The background is based on the extension of the current county map in 2017 as the basic evaluation unit,using the information entropy method to determine the weight,using the restriction coefficient method to carry out the evaluation of the suitability of the land and space function,to clarify the functional suitability of each map;The results of suitability evaluation,initial space function partitioning,combined with relevant planning for functional partition correction,determine the functional division of the national land space of Yanxian County,and clarify the access conditions and control rules of different districts.The results of the study:(1)The overall land use degree of Yanchang County is centered on the street of Qili Village in the central city,and the trend from northwest to southeast continues to decrease.At the same time,the degree of land use between neighboring towns and towns has generally increased and the difference has become smaller and smaller,and the spatial agglomeration characteristics have become closer and closer,and the degree of dependence has become stronger.(2)The land use of all kinds of extension land in the county is tending to be concentrated,but the transfer trends of various types of land use are different.The maximum transfer distances of ecological,agricultural and urban-rural functional land are 13883 m,2238.28 m and 12435.84 m respectively,and the ecological and urban-rural functional land transfer distance is obvious.(3)The land use of Yanxian County has the characteristics of small land use development,obvious change of ecological function land,relatively stable agricultural function land,and obvious expansion of urban and rural functional land.There is a certain relationship between land use mode and ecological environment protection requirements.The gap requires the functional division of the national land space to guide the land space.(4)The extension of the county is mainly based on ecological function suitability.87.44% of the land in the county is suitable for ecological functions;the second is urban-rural functional suitability,about 25.68%;the agricultural function is the least suitable,about 19.99%.(5)Constructed a two-level zoning system,delineating three types of first-level functional zoning and basic agricultural security zones,potential agricultural production areas,urban-rural construction key areas,construction reserved development zones,and ecological security control.Six types of secondary functional divisions such as districts,ecological conservation and stability zones,and clear access conditions and control rules for different zones.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yanchang County, land use degree, land spatial structure transfer, land space function suitability evaluation, national land space function partition
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