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The Evaluation And Optimum Path Of Kunming Business Environment Research Based On Principal Component Analysis

Posted on:2021-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,the business environment has become one of the hot topics discussed by the government and many scholars.It is a policy-based,institutional and institutional arrangement in the development process.The quality of the business environment has an important impact on the development of enterprises,the rise and fall of the market and the distribution of factors.Improving the business environment is the key to boosting the confidence of market players,deepening the reform of "delegating powers and services" and improving China's governance system and capacity.However,the current downward pressure on China's economy is prominent,social contradictions are frequent,and it is in a period of unbalanced and unstable development.While the business environment in various places has achieved improvement results,there is still a lot of room for optimization.This article from the government intervention theory and the effective government theory perspective,combined with domestic and foreign related research about business environment evaluation index system,considering Kunming field,from the supply of public policy,institutional trading costs,market regulation act,the administrative examination and approval service four dimension of Kunming business environment evaluation index system is established.After collecting the questionnaire data of 240 enterprises handling business affairs in 6 government affairs service halls in the main urban area of Kunming through field research,the principal component analysis method was used to complete the empirical analysis of Kunming's business environment,drew an evaluation conclusion and proposed an optimization path for the business environment of Kunming at last.The study concludes that the overall business environment of Kunming is at a good level,and the score ranking of the four dimensions is: market regulatory behavior > institutional transaction cost > administrative approval service > public policy supply.The score ranking of each dimension is as follows: in the dimension of market regulation behavior,normative regulation > timely regulation > legality regulation;In the dimension of institutional transaction cost,cost > process cost > time cost;In the service dimension of administrative approval,service satisfaction > service efficiency > service convenience;In the dimension of public policy supply,degree of policy implementation > degree of policy transparency > degree of policy awareness.In addition,although policies enacted by Kunming united about doing business,but the specific details of each area can according to each area the truth plan,thus caused the regional business environment construction condition,and the city and district respectively according to the region,in charge of the different nature of enterprise scale and enterprise,present to the government affairs hall is dealt with the evaluation of business enterprises are different,the composite scores ranked as follows :Kunming > Chenggong > Xishan > Guandu> Wuhua > Panlong.Finally,combining for more than 30 enterprises and relevant government departments in Kunming staff interview,understand business requirements and government construction,according to the above situation,respectively to Kunming business environment put forward the optimization path of different levels of the four dimensions of thinking,to Kunming business environment optimization has the certain reference value.
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