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Research On Evaluation Of National Open Government Data Portal Based On Principal Component Analysis

Posted on:2019-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q W FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330545959723Subject:Library and Information Science
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Open data has become a hot spot for many scholars in the big data era.So far,there are 85 national-level open government data websites in the world.Open data can be accessed,reused,redistributed by anyone,and used for any purpose including commercial use and social welfare.The advantages and disadvantages of open government data website are directly related to whether citizens and enterprises can make good use of national data to innovate and promote the development of society.Therefore,it is very important and meaningful to the performance evaluation of open government data websites.In this article,the author select 29 countries' open government data websites for analysis,and compare them to find out the differences and deficiencies in our open data websites.The construction of state-level open government data portal evaluation system is the focus of the article.The author studies a large number of domestic and foreign literature related to open data and website evaluation systems.In addition to this,the author analyzes the cases of national data reports and other cases.The purpose is to establish a reasonable and scientific index system through the expert Delphi method.The indicator system consists of 4 first-level indicators and 17 second-level indicators covering the structure,content,and data of the website construction.In order to ensure the objectivity and validity of the data,the data collection uses manual,Alexa,and Pingdom Website Speed Test website testing tools to collect relevant data.The paper objectively compares and analyzes the analytic hierarchy process(AHP)and principal component analysis(PCA)methods,the result is Principal component analysis is more advantageous.Finally,the principal component analysis of the collected data is performed using SPSS data analysis tools.Analyze the results and put forward relevant and reasonable suggestions from the three aspects of the website's structural design,open data,and website optimization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Principal component Analysis, Government, Open data, Index system
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