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Research On Japan's Policy Adjustments To The U.S. During Donald Trump Administration

Posted on:2022-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Japan-US alliance is one of the most important alliances in the Asia-Pacific region.How to handle the diplomacy with the United States has been the top priority of the foreign policy of successive Japanese governments.In the early postwar period,Japan quickly completed its recovery with the help of its ally,the United States.At that time,Japan's diplomacy was in a state of fully following the United States,and the worries of being "abandoned" or "implied" existed all the time.With the continuous increase of Japan's strength and the rising awareness of major powers,coupled with the non-reciprocal relationship within the Japan-US alliance,Japan increasingly wants to get rid of the constraints of the "alliance dilemma",and constantly adjusts its foreign policy toward the United States,intending to seek more It is an independent foreign policy.Since Abe came to power for the second time,Japan's diplomatic strategy has become prominent,and its diplomatic interests toward the United States have also become diversified,and are no longer confined to the military and security field.In2017,U.S.President Trump came to power.His unique political ideas and style of behavior are elusive.Based on the principle of "America First",he put pressure on Japan in the field of economic,trade and military cooperation,which brought a huge impact to Japan in the short term..During the same period,profound changes in the form of the Asia-Pacific region and the international political background,the intensified strategic competition between China and the United States,and the accelerated restructuring of international order and rules have all made Japan-US relations more complicated.While these changes have brought challenges to Japan,they have also brought new opportunities.Trump's coming to power has provided a broad space for the strategic diplomatic layout of the Abe cabinet,and provided a new opportunity for Japan to further seek an autonomous position and reduce the constraints of the "alliance dilemma." In the face of many changes,the Japanese government has decisively adjusted its policy toward the United States and conducted overall planning in the political,economic,military,and diplomatic fields.It has responded well to the short-term effects of the “Trump shock” and safeguarded Japan's national interests.Enhance Japan's strategic autonomy.However,subject to pressure from within the alliance,at the regional level,and from the domestic people,the actual effect of Japan's adjustment to the US policy still has many limitations.With the arrival of the new Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and the end of Trump's term,how will Japan-US relations in the "post-Abe era" be adjusted and how Japan ' s diplomatic strategy will be laid out,and how will Japan be in the framework of the Japan-US alliance Continue to seek strategic autonomy and further reduce the constraints of the "alliance dilemma" are issues worthy of in-depth discussion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Japan-U.S. Relations, Japan-U.S. Alliance, Alliance Dilemma, Trump, Shinzo Abe
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