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Study On The Policy Adjustment Of The Trump Adminidtration Towards Japan

Posted on:2021-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330623977695Subject:International politics
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Since Trump Administration came to power,it has been holding high the political banner of "American priority",which has evolved into "economic priority" and "military priority",and this political principle has been fully applied to the policy towards Japan.After the trump administration came into power,American policy and strategic attitude towards Japan ushered in a new wave of adjustment and development.As the main influencing factor of Asia Pacific and global politics,the change of American policy towards Japan and American Japanese relations will have a huge impact on China's major power policy,Asia Pacific policy and even foreign relations from different levels.After a comprehensive assessment of the key role and strategic position of Japan in the U.S.-Japan alliance,the trump administration has formulated a significant single change policy towards Japan,which is highlighted by unilateral strategic thinking and policy orientation in foreign policy,and emphasis on military policy The realistic benefit of "cost sharing",the pursuit of interest rebalancing in trade policy,and the construction of a new pattern of interest distribution between the United States and Japan.Under its influence,the development of Japan's relations with the United States in the future will continue the bottom line thinking of "cooperation rather than compliance",and the United States will be subject to "reverse" pressure from Japan at more levels.It can be said that the U.S.policy and attitude towards Japan have changed and adjusted greatly after the trump administration came into power.As a hegemonic power with great influence in the world,the U.S.policy adjustment towards Japan has a profound impact on Japan as well as other countries to varying degrees.In particular,Trump's astonishing decision to withdraw from the TPP after taking office has hit all members of the TPP.Until the "India Pacific" strategy was put forward,the international pattern had a new change.Under the cooperation between the United States,Japan,Australia and India,China also had greater pressure.In addition to the introduction,this paper consists of five chapters,the following are the specific contents of each chapter of the paper:The first chapter mainly discusses the definition of asymmetric alliance theory ininternational political theory,and explores the formation basis and asymmetric performance of the relationship between the United States and Japan from the theoretical perspective,as well as the change direction and evolution process of the relationship between the United States and Japan after the cold war.The second chapter mainly explores the background of trump government's policy adjustment to Japan.At the beginning of the second chapter,this paper introduces Trump's view of alliance and his understanding of the alliance,and on this basis,explores his attitude towards Japan and the direction of policy adjustment.At the same time,it makes a comparison between Trump's and Obama's policies towards Japan,and discusses the continuation and change of his policies towards Japan.The third chapter mainly introduces the specific measures of trump government's policy adjustment to Japan.In the context of the current honeymoon relationship between the United States and Japan,there are also hidden "crises".Trump's "India Pacific" strategy has a positive impact on the relationship between the United States and Japan,but there is still a deficit in economic and trade between the United States and Japan,and there are differences in military spending between the United States and Japan.On this basis,Trump's government's policy towards Japan is still constantly adjusted,and Trump's "business thinking" has always stood on the perspective of maximizing the interests of the United States,so as to implement the policy to Japan Add more pressure.The fourth chapter mainly discusses the impetus and resistance of trump government in the policy adjustment to Japan.The policy changes made by trump,who holds the "U.S.priority" foreign policy,are all considered from the perspective of maximizing U.S.interests,which is bound to affect Japan's interests.The "Japanese equality" insisted by Abe's government and Trump's attitude are constantly "colliding".In the fifth chapter,the author looks forward to the future trend of the relationship between the United States and Japan in trump era.Under the influence of "trump shock",Japan is also faced with the dilemma of strategic choice.Although the current relationship between the United States and Japan is still stable,it is still unknown how the various "radical" policies made by trump administration will affect the future of the relationship between the United States and Japan.
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