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A Study Of The U.S.-Japan Alliance During The Trump Administration

Posted on:2022-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2516306566486154Subject:International relations
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The U.S.-Japan alliance is a key research content in the alliance field.Since its formation in the 1950 s,the U.S.-Japan alliance has continuously developed and changed and has become an important link in the U.S.alliance system.As an important partner of the United States in realizing its global strategy,Japan is of great significance to the United States.The characteristics of “America first” and “Preserve peace through strength” are extremely prominent during the Trump administration.Politics,economy and security are dominated by the United States.In alliance relations,the United States also pays more attention to the interests of the United States,requires allies to bear more,and pursue trade protectionism,pay more attention to the US trade deficit,making it more aggressive towards China.During the Trump administration,the Indo-Pacific strategy was put forward,and a series of strategies such as more emphasis on the ocean have made Japan's strategic position to the United States more prominent.In the context of power transfer and geostrategic changes,the United States needs to rely on the power of its allies to realize its global strategy.During the Trump administration,the conflicts between the US-Japan alliance were intensified and the defense cooperation has been strengthened.The “America first” foreign policy weakened the cohesion of the US-Japan alliance,and issues such as trade frictions and burden sharing affected the development of the US-Japan alliance.The alliance internal game,mutual prevarication,but based on the common strategic interests of the United States and Japan,the United States' global strategic attempt and Japan's strategic need to become a "normal country" enabled the United States and Japan to find common interests in the Indo-Pacific region.Constantly seek new points of cooperation amidst friction and compromise.During the Trump administration,the U.S.and Japan cooperated around the Indo-Pacific strategy,and the U.S.-Japan alliance showed a trend of continuous strengthening and expansion,forming a U.S.-Japan+X alliance centered on the U.S.and Japan,and extensively uniting allies in the Indo-Pacific region to contain China.In view of the orientation of the U.S.strategy towards China,especially the ongoing Indo-Pacific strategic cooperation between the U.S.and Japan,it has a profound impact on China,which not only affects the “Belt and Road” initiative,but also has a serious impact on maritime security.During the Trump administration,the U.S.-Japan alliance is more targeted at China.We should be wary of the strategic attempt of the United States to encircle and contain China with the help of the sea.
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