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The Trump Administration Of The United States Has An "export Security" Policy For Japan

Posted on:2019-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330566958002Subject:Master of Public Administration MPA
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January 20 marks the 1 year anniversary of Donald Trump taking his oath to be the President of the United States.Its Asia Pacific policy is started to be shaped during the past year.Asia Pacific region has always been a place of interest to the United States.With the end of “the Obama Era”,whether his “Asia Pivot” policy will be scrapped or carried forward is under the spotlight.There are two different views toward this questions: one is that foreign policy of Trump's administration will be largely affected by the norm of “America First”,which means that the United States will contract of Asia Pacific without further intervention to focus on its domestic issues.The other opinion is that Obama's Asia Pacific region will be extended more or less and Trump will still make use of Asia Pacific region to elaborate international influence of the United States.America's Asia Pacific policy cannot be analyzed independently.It should be studied together with its tradition of alliances,international security strategy,economic situation and difference between the two major parties.This dissertation will comb through meetings and official visits between the two leaders of the United States and Japan to take a further look at existing security and economy mechanisms.Defense and military cooperation will be taken as the lead to study Trump's “defense for trade” policy to Japan and its background,reasons and effects,with which Asia Pacific policy of the administration could be summarized.
Keywords/Search Tags:Trump's administration, “Defense for Trade”, US-Japan Alliance, US Asia Pacific Policy, US-Japan Relations
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