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Research On Difficult Problems In Legislation Of Basic Medical Insurance For Employees

Posted on:2022-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China's medical insurance system has changed from Labor Insurance to social insurance,and the system model has changed from "pilot reform" to the "Social Insurance Law" formulated by the National People's Congress and its Standing Committee,forming a legal basis for the insurance system,however,the provisions of the Social Insurance Law have the characteristics of principle and framework,and play the role of the Basic Law.The legislative path of medical insurance in China follows the path of "policy construction,pilot exploration and legal summary".Reform and construction go hand in hand with the medical security system,adopting the philosophy of "crossing the river by feeling for stones",in this paper,the legal system of basic medical insurance for workers in basic medical insurance is the object of study,and the legal system of basic medical insurance for workers in basic medical insurance is the object of study,the unreasonable system and legislative gaps are analyzed and countermeasures are put forward.At the present stage,the operation of the Basic Medical Insurance for Chinese workers and staff members highly depends on the policy documents and the Local ordinance,and lacks the stability of the system and the clarity of the power and responsibility,which causes the basic medical insurance systems of workers and staff members in various places to go their own way,lack of institutional unity.This paper aims at sorting out the legislation of basic medical insurance for local workers,summarizing the useful experience of national legislation and the existing problems.First of all,the main problems existing in the operation of employees' basic medical insurance are listed,including the choice of the legislative path,the proportion of the unit and individual contributions,the personal account,the relationship between retired workers and the fund sustainability,the health insurance payment standard,the social insurance function of the agency is not complete;Secondly,according to the local legislative experience and foreign experience,the countermeasures are put forward.The representative countries selected in this paper are Germany and Japan,which have implemented the social insurance system.Germany is the birthplace of the social insurance system,the Social Insurance System,which is still enduring,can be used for reference by most of the countries that have adopted the social insurance model,while Japan's health insurance system started earlier and was established following the example of Germany's social health insurance system,combined with the characteristics of their own national health insurance to form a stable national health insurance,the two countries and China's health insurance system has similarities,which can be used for reference.Finally,the author puts forward some suggestions that are suitable for the stable and long-term development of our country's medical insurance,the regulations on Basic Medical Insurance formulated by the State Council,which have the nature of national unification,provide for basic medical insurance for workers and staff members,and are fully discussed;the establishment of a complete legal and regulatory system for medical insurance is required for the rule of law,is to ensure that the people enjoy health insurance,the realization of high-quality health insurance system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Basic Medical Insurance for employees, Basic Medical Insurance Regulations, legislative style
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