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Research On The Present Situation And Promotion Strategy Of Preschool Teachers' Scientific Literacy ——Based On The Investigation Of Nanning City In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Posted on:2022-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Science is one of the five major fields of early childhood education.The Guiding Outline of Kindergarten Education(for trial implementation)issued by the Ministry of Education clearly shows that kindergarten science education is an enlightening education of science,and its goal is to cultivate children's preliminary scientific literacy.Preschool teachers as the direct leaders of early childhood science education,the level of their scientific literacy directly affects the quality of early childhood science education and the cultivation of children's preliminary scientific literacy.At present,the research on teachers' scientific literacy is mainly aimed at primary and secondary school teachers,while the research on preschool teachers' scientific literacy is relatively few and lack of specific quantitative analysis.Therefore,this study investigates the scientific literacy of preschool teachers,in order to understand the current situation of preschool teachers' scientific literacy,point out the main problems,analyze the main causes of the problems,and then put forward the corresponding countermeasures to improve them.So as to provide guidance and help for the education or training of preschool teachers' scientific literacy.In this study,328 kindergarten teachers' scientific knowledge,scientific process and methods,scientific spiritual attitude and scientific ability were investigated by questionnaire,and 318 valid questionnaires were obtained,2 kindergarten administrators and 15 preschool teachers were interviewed by interview method.The SPSS25.0 version is used to analyze the results of the questionnaire.The survey found that the overall scientific literacy of preschool teachers needs to be improved,and the dimensions are as follows: preschool teachers have a good attitude towards science and have certain scientific ability,but they are lack of scientific knowledge,in particular,the mastery of scientific processes and methods needs to be improved;there are significant differences in preschool teachers' scientific literacy because of their professional titles,academic qualifications and training intentions.The main problems are: preschool teachers' relative lack of knowledge of material science and earth-space science,incomplete mastery of scientific processes and methods,weak ability to design and organize science teaching activities,and their understanding of science still needs to be improved.The reason is that preschool teachers lack of active learning,kindergartens lack of attention to teachers' scientific literacy,and social resources to support the improvement of preschool teachers' scientific literacy are limited.On this basis,it is put forward those preschool teachers should pay attention to self-improvement,kindergartens provide diversified training methods,colleges and universities should construct a system of cultivating teachers' scientific knowledge,methods and ability,and social improvement of preschool teachers' scientific literacy of the resource guarantee mechanism and other promotion strategies.
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