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Singular Moment

Posted on:2021-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2515306194451104Subject:Fine Arts
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Photography is undoubtedly the product of science and technology since its inception.It relies on the rapid development of modern science and technology,physics,chemistry,mechanical technology and electronic technology after the world industrial revolution.In today's digital age,technology has given photography more possibilities and more viewing experience.In the past two years,the reference to the concept of "singularity" has gradually attracted the attention of academia.However,what is the singularity? In the fields of mathematics and physics,singularities are also called spatio-temporal singularities.It is a point with infinite volume,infinite density,infinite gravity and infinite space-time curvature.At this point,any known physical laws are in a state of failure.In the field of science and technology,Ray Kurzweil,author of "Singularity Approaching",believes that singularity corresponds to a time node in the objective world.At this node,there is a critical point between artificial intelligence and human intelligence.It may bring a qualitative leap to our existing civilization and knowledge structure.This is the arrival of "singularity".For now,the world produces hundreds of billions of images every second.These images are generated in output devices with image capture and generation functions such as mobile phones,cameras,computers,printers,scanners,etc.,and the vast majority of these devices cannot escape the "photography" process in the process of making pictures.Therefore,in the current social context,it is very important and valuable to explore the impact of high-tech on photography at singularity moments.This article is mainly based on the academic background of the moment of singularity,to explore the state of photography when the singularity comes,what kind of state does it exist and what impact will this existence have on traditional photography? At the moment of singularity,how will the artistic creation of photography change? Will this change affect human life and society? After all,it is in an era of flooding images,and human life can no longer be separated from images.The article mainly discusses from the following six aspects:1.Give the definition of singularity,introduce the origin of singularity theory and its academic background.2.Analyze where the singularity of photography will be and the powerit can bring.3.Sort out the development process of photography since its inception,confirming its inherent technological attributes and the turning points it has experienced in its180-year development process are all driven by the advancement of science and technology.4.Based on the academic description of the singularity theory in stages,explore the possible changes and characteristics of photography at each stage.5.Combining the impact of existing science and technology on photography,analyze examples of the latest artistic creations in the field of photography,as well as examples of direct or indirect use of photography in other art fields and scenes to seek changes or breakthroughs.6.At the singular point,the artistic creation of photography may no longer be a unique behavior of human beings.At this time,the copyright issue of artistic works and the potential crisis faced by other fields of humanity all need to be faced with.
Keywords/Search Tags:Singularity Photography, Future Art, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence
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