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Research On Problems And Improvement Strategies Of Aesthetic Education Management In Primary Schools

Posted on:2022-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306491468054Subject:Education Management
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In recent years,China has successively issued relevant policies to encourage and support the construction of primary school aesthetic education.Under the call of these policies and driven by the scholars' personal understanding of aesthetic education and research enthusiasm,Chinese scholars in the field of education have carried out research on Aesthetic Education from various angles.Although there are a lot of research results,there are few research results in the branch of primary school aesthetic education problems and improvement strategies.Therefore,this paper carries out the research from this perspective,hoping to provide theoretical basis and practical reference for front-line educators.In this paper,interviews and questionnaires are used to investigate the problems of aesthetic education in primary school of X.The results show that: in terms of teachers,teachers' aesthetic education cognition is one-sided and subjective;teachers lack systematic and professional pre service aesthetic education;teachers' individual differences affect the implementation of aesthetic education in the classroom;teachers' personal initiative is insufficient;in terms of aesthetic education managers,the content of aesthetic education is not enough In terms of external implementation conditions of aesthetic education,the equipment for carrying out aesthetic education is insufficient,the performance of aesthetic education activities is less,and the quality is not stable,and the popularity of school art associations is not high.In view of the above situation,this paper analyzes the causes of these problems as follows: affected by the surrounding environment,the reality of the lack of aesthetic education guidance in higher education,the lack of motivation of teachers to supplement personal aesthetic education knowledge,the imperfect aesthetic education training system,the restriction of school aesthetic education management level,and the shackles of the external environment of aesthetic education.Therefore,this paper puts forward the following strategies to improve the aesthetic education in primary schools: in terms of teachers,teachers should give full play to their subjective initiative,improve their aesthetic education cognition,improve their aesthetic education practice ability,strengthen their on-the-job aesthetic education learning,form an aesthetic education atmosphere,improve the aesthetic education curriculum assessment system,enhance their aesthetic education initiative,and establish a professional aesthetic education teacher team;aesthetic education management should be strengthened In terms of external guarantee of aesthetic education,we should coordinate and perfect the allocation of aesthetic education resources,guarantee the equipment and places needed for the implementation of aesthetic education,increase the visits and performances of high-quality aesthetic education activities,and enrich art education courses.
Keywords/Search Tags:aesthetic education, primary school aesthetic education, problems, strategies
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