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Research On The Development Guidance Of Ordinary High School Students From The Perspective Of Core ——Take K Middle School In Jiangmen City As An Example

Posted on:2022-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Student development guidance refers to the work carried out by the school to promote the comprehensive,healthy and harmonious development of students,and to prevent and solve the problems in the development of students.It mainly includes ideals,psychology,academic work,life and career,and is related to teaching and management.One of the basic functions of contemporary schools in an equally important position.The student development guidance system has gone through hundreds of years of development abroad,but it is still in its infancy in my country.The high school stage is a transitional period for students from immaturity to adulthood.It is also a critical period for personality formation,independent development,and completion of life background.The "National Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Plan Outline(2010-2020)" clearly states that a student development guidance system should be established in ordinary high schools to meet the diverse needs of high school students and improve their comprehensive quality.In 2016,the Ministry of Education issued the "Core Qualities of Chinese Student Development",emphasizing that the core literacy of student development is the necessary character and key ability that students should have to meet the needs of personal life-long development and social development,which points to the training of basic education talents in my country.The direction also provides support for the goal and content system construction of student development guidance.This research is divided into two parts: theoretical research and empirical research.The theoretical research mainly explores the goals and content system of the development and guidance work of ordinary high school students suitable for our country from the perspective of the development of core literacy of Chinese students.The empirical research mainly adopts the questionnaire survey method and the interview method.With 300 high school students,some teachers and college counselors from K Middle School in Jiangmen City,the current situation of the implementation of the current high school student development guidance work was investigated.The results of the investigation are as follows: 1.The current development ability of students is generally at an intermediate level,and the ideal and career dimensions need to be paid more attention to.Second,the school's student development guidance work has problems such as narrow goals,limited implementation content,insufficient professionalism and diversity of the implementation subject,and lack of rigorous work implementation steps.On the basis of analyzing the cause of the problem,it puts forward suggestions for improving the development and guidance of high school students from two aspects: concept and practice.At the same time,it tries to put forward the "three-level and five-dimensional model",hoping to provide a reference for the optimization of student development and guidance.
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