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Research On The Effectiveness Of Moral Education Of High School Ideological And Political Class From The Perspective Of Lide Virtues And Educators

Posted on:2022-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306542998849Subject:Master of Education
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As the successors and builders of our country in the future,the quality of high school students' moral character is not only related to their own future,but also profoundly affects the future and destiny of the whole country and nation.However,due to the influence of numerous and complex bad information and many factors in the society,high school students show more and more problems in ideological and moral aspects.As the main front and main channel of moral education for students,political class in senior high school should play an important role in carrying out the task of moral education,and actively explore the methods and paths to improve the effectiveness of moral education,so that senior high school students can acquire knowledge and develop good moral character at the same time.So this article under the horizon of khalid ents to study the effectiveness of moral education of high school thought political lesson,not only can provide complete khalid treant task of educating people with theoretical support,promote the political subject moral education theory is rich,but also for after high school political lesson as reference path carries on moral education to the student,to further promote the construction of school moral education curriculum system.This article USES literature research,questionnaire and individual interview method,through the theoretical study in school and the practice of school education,and connecting with the data from questionnaire and individual interview and content,mainly expounds the current situation of moral education should have the high school political lesson,and analyzes the existing problems and reasons,and then to explore the path of how to strengthen the actual effect of moral education of high school political lesson.The main content of this paper is mainly divided into four parts: the first part is the theoretical basis and the core concept of the discussion;The second part is the combination of research data results and research literature,taking Sichuan XX Middle School as an example,to analyze the current situation of the effectiveness of high school political education,analysis of its achievements and existing problems;The third part is to analyze the causes of the corresponding problems.The fourth part is on the basis of former three parts,from three aspects: departments,schools,teachers in high school political lesson path to explore how to strengthen the actual effect of moral education,the first is the competent department of should reform and optimizing the teaching evaluation of ideological and political course,at the same time,strengthen the moral education function of the teaching material,the second is the rationalization of schools should pay more attention to the high school politics course Settings,set up the political teacher training mechanism,and at last the political teachers should constantly improve their own moral cultivation and professional quality,positive innovation of political lesson teaching method,seepage moral education,to fully exploit and make use of political resources of moral education in teaching material,We should quote more current affairs,politics and hot events,enhance the appeal of moral education,reasonably organize social practice activities,strengthen the effect of moral education,and flexibly use information technology and multimedia means to assist moral education teaching.It is hoped that through the exploration of these moral education paths,the moral education function of high school politics class can be better played,and the education task of cultivating people by virtue of virtue can be better implemented and carried out,so as to cultivate high school students into excellent talents with all-round development of morality,intelligence,body,beauty and labor.
Keywords/Search Tags:Build morality and cultivate people, High school ideological and political course, Moral education, Effectiveness of moral education
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