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A Fundamental Research Of Reconfigurable Intellignet Manufacturing System

Posted on:2002-01-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360032956617Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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The tendency of Advanced Manufacturing TeChnology (AMT) shOws thaL themanufacturing system should be the RecondgUrable ManufaCturing System (meS)chch can quldey adjUSt it's Won Wity and wtty W a Partfamity in reSPOnse to sudden changes in market. The recondgUraon ofmanufacturing system coIhas as many aSpectS as the rcconfigUraon of machiningsystem in woforop, the reconfigUraion of produchon management system and therecoallgUraion of machining facilities as well. Based on the key project of NationalScienCe FoWon---"Advanced MWg Pattffo and MWement', which isthe sub-one of "Seved basic researh on Advanced Manufacturing Pattffe asSHrting the Innovation in PIDduCon", this diswton deals with the theOrytechniques and aPproaches on RMS. The main conteat of the dissertation is asfOllows:(l) ffer synthswt and comparing the chacteriedcs in all kinds of modelingInethods' an M modeling method UML-OOPN for recondgUI'alemanufaCturing cell modeling is ProPOsed. ms methd maks the best of both UMLand Peul net. it aiso SUPPOrtS the wbole lifnglc bo bo analyss tO Pattmrealhation.(2) Thc dissertation offers Systendc exPatiallon of thcory and Inethods in thedesign of recondgUrale manufaCturin celI. A system StrUCtUre of CAPP sulted fOrRMS is Nsed and tWO M of algOrithms fOr ha ProCess plan selection aregiven wbo are had on Process Plannin Pdri Not dsility be and 8cVenBitCOding resPeCtively The W also wobo over a Iulx layout in arra mede which isapPlicabIe to recoallgUrable manufaCturing condihon. with each row of the arrayoPtinhaed by the genetic aIgh.(3) In thes diswton. the sobo arChiteCtUre and itS boIemen fOrDistributed WnfigUrale hatwg SysteIn(DRMS) are discussed, with thetOOls of multi-Agent and CORBA. The fOrmer is the hotSPOt in hoficiai Intellipe.The N focuses on the key teChnique of DRMSch PrOCess of SearChin fOrwtc ailiance cwt then PUt N a InanMg resource cOInWoPtiInUm algOrithtn based on GA. MeNle, the UMI. model about opntcollaboration is described and partS of code tO twlement Agent are presented.(4) Based on the researCh of modular design methods and kinematicreconfigUraon Priniple fOr the recondgUrale mch tOOls, a new idea on hoW tOsolve the partition, combination and oPtiIniZation of machine modules is proPOsedusing the GA and relative database. Fbore, a kind of machine modulesmanagement syStem is develoPed in order tO test itS validity -(5) ffer the stUdy of reconfigUrallle production managemen system from thePOints of views of software enginering and managemen science, a Productionmanagement system model based on componeme and an ideaI implementaion Proectof enterprise business process re-engineering which integrates ERP with BPR areproPOsed.
Keywords/Search Tags:manufacturing system, recondgurable, modeling method, Petri Net, Unified Modeling Language, Genetic Algorithm, modular design, multi-agent system, the Common Object Request Broker Architecture, Business Process Re-engineering
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